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What You Can Do When the Scale Refuses To Budge
Most people who are into a weight loss diet start a love-hate relationship with the scale; some because the diets recommend it, others because they don’t trust the diet.
Eating right
Diet is what one eats on a regular basis, and it can be as varied as people’s individual tastes and preferences, and is often based on popular cuisines of different cultures. But the term ‘dieting’ often has negative connotations because it brings to mind severe food restrictions, deprivation, feeling constantly hungry, etc. That’s because dieting is usually associated with weight loss, and calorie restriction is one way to achieve it.
is it worth exercising
Are you sold to the image promoted by the fitness industry? The picture perfect body rippling with muscles and a vivacious spirit to match; it can tempt anyone into buying their products. If that’s your sole reason for trying to lose weight, you have played right into their hands. And that’s exactly why so many people fail to benefit from all those diet and exercise programs out there.
zone diet
The Zone Diet
The Zone diet promotes the idea that by regulating your food intake you can heal or prevent disease in the body.
Why Vegetarian Diet Is Not Sustainable
Vegetarianism and veganism have become popular fads in the diet scene. If religious compulsions once used to be the main reason for such diets, ethical and environmental concerns are driving the new age dalliance with these drastic diets.
When Atkins’ Diet Revolution made its debut in the 1970s, it was a welcome relief from the low-fat diets in vogue at that time. These low-fat diets ran on the simple premise that, if you eat more fat, you would become fatter; if you cut down on fatty foods, you’d become thinner.
paleo diet absurd
Proponents of Paleo diet claim that they follow the eating habits of our paleolithic ancestors who roamed the earth from around 2.6 million years ago to 12,000 years ago. We refer to them as hunter-gatherers because they lived on berries and nuts they gathered and the animals they hunted with their crude weapons, before farming changed the way people lived.
the belly fat
The Belly Fat Burn
One of the most common complaints that is heard from people who want to lose weight, is that no what exercise that they do, they are never able to lose the extra pounds sitting around their middle. If you want to jumpstart spare tire loss, follow these three simple tricks
good or bad protein?
In order for the body to be able to build cells, skin, muscles, and strong bones, protein is needed as the building block. Since the human body is unable to store protein in the same way that it is able to store carbohydrates, it is essential to ingest enough protein on a daily basis. But is all protein equal?
Do Vitamins Matter?
Vitamins and minerals are found in most of the food we eat. With this being the case, if you follow a properly balanced diet, is there really any need to add in supplements such as a multi-vitamin, or even Vitamin C?
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