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The Belly Fat Burn

the belly fat

One of the most common complaints that is heard from people who want to lose weight, is that no what exercise that they do, they are never able to lose the extra pounds sitting around their middle. If you want to jumpstart spare tire loss, follow these three simple tricks:

Drink , Drink, Drink More Water

Quite obviously, the largest impact on your middle area is going to be made by what you eat. Consuming a healthy diet helps to trim down that waistline fat that can be downright dangerous. Limit your “empty calorie” foods intake as much as possible. The problem with these kinds of foods is that they do not give you much in the way of satiety or energy, but they generally take up a large portion of your allotted calories for the day. When you find that you are craving something sweet like cookies or chocolate, reach for a glass of water instead!

February's Obesity journal published a randomized trial done by the scientists at Virginia Tech. A group of overweight 55 and older subjects were followed for three months while they were on a low-calorie diet. Half of the group had nothing to drink before a meal, whereas the other half were asked to consume 500ml of water before every meal. At the study's end, the group who did not consume water lost an average of 11lbs, while the group that did drink water before every meal lost an average of 15.5lbs.

Bring On The Interval Training

Looking to burn lots of calories in the shortest amount of time? Interval training is the way to go. For those who may not know what interval training is, it is simply varying the intensity level of the exercises during your workout. It has been shown in conducted studies that by incorporating interval training into your normal workout pattern, you will burn as much as 30% more calories. Here are a few fun interval combinations for you to try:

20 jumping jacks + 15 lunges

20 box jump sets + 10 bicep curls

1 minute sprint + 30 second jog

The best thing about incorporating the interval training is that you won't spend hours working out, but will still burn plenty of calories. It also helps to boost the level of your metabolism so that fat is being burned even at rest.

Full Body Weight Training

Doing abdominal exercises such as crunches will help you to develop those defined ab muscles, but you want to take it a little bit farther. Mixing in a strength training routine for the full body will help to give you a toned, lean appearance overall, and it will assist in boosting your metabolism so that your belly fat is being burned more effectively. The more muscle mass that you have, the higher that your metabolic rate will be, and the quicker that you’ll be able to burn fat. A full body strength circuit that is done 2-3 times every week and that works all the major muscle groups will have your belly fat ratio down in no time.


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