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Top ways to train harder while avoiding injuries
You already know that training is good and training hard is even better. But do you know that training consistently forms the basis of drastic and long-lasting changes to the health and performance?
It’s a satisfying thing to achieve strength, health, and flexibility, indeed a great choice for anyone. Simple bodyweight training can cause a great improvement to your overall health and heart.
It is quite likely that you are already familiar with, and love , the power of planking. But after numerous repetitive workouts, planking is no longer as challenging or exciting as it once was. If you are looking to add a little more work into your planking workout, check out these 7 moves that will give you abs of steel.
safe exercise
How To Exercise Safely
While it is essential to maintain your physical health through exercise, it is equally essential that the exercises be performed properly. If not, you could unknowingly put your health in danger and potentially seriously injure yourself. The following 5 tips will give you the low-down on how to exercise safely:
Okay...so squats work, but they are so boring. The same movement day after day creates a workout that you can do pretty much on auto-pilot. In order to get a toned backside that defies gravity, you need to incorporate exercises that work on every inch of that glorious butt. The following 9 moves will have you looking sexy and rockin' your skinny jeans by targeting all of the muscles in your hamstrings and glutes.
Winter Fitness Ideas
Winter Fitness Ideas
When it is cold and snowy outside it can be hard to drum up the enthusiasm required to go outside and participate in some physical fitness. Unless you are a fan of the winter-specific sports like skiing, skating, and snowmobiling, the couch in front of a roaring fire often has more appeal.
Stiff as a Board!
If you only have the time to do one exercise every single day, which one should it be? What covers all of the muscle groups, tones the body, and makes you feel and look healthy? And even at its maximum only takes five minutes? Read on to see...
The Clean House Workout
There are chores all around the home that need to be done. You never hear people yell out with excitement that "Great...it's time to wax the floor". Since the majority of us look at chores with distaste, as a necessary evil, changing how you view what must be done will not only get you a clean home, but you will also be getting rid of some unwanted calories as well.