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8 Exercises of Bodyweight Training You Need to Know


It’s a satisfying thing to achieve strength, health, and flexibility, indeed a great choice for anyone. Simple bodyweight training can cause a great improvement to your overall health and heart. Also, it will not cost a penny to do so, only you need motivation and time to do it. Here are 8 super-efficient bodyweight training you can easily do every day –

Air Squats:

Squats are one of the best training that works in your lower body including glutes, calves, core, and hamstrings. It builds strength in lower body and improves athleticism. But the fact is a majority of people do not really know how to do a proper air squat and a lot of people can’t do it because of their tight hamstrings. So, Here’s how to do it –

Firstly, stand on your wide apart feet with toes slightly outward. Then relax your arms and push your chest outside. Then bend your knees and push your hips outward like you’re sitting on a chair. Keep the whole weight on your heels and knees over your toes. Try coming down till your thighs are parallel to the ground or as far as you can do. Raise arms parallel to the ground, and keep the torso upright. Now, you need to straight your legs and lower your arm to stand up again.

Pistol Squats:

Squatting on one leg is quite harder than when you’re using two, but it’s not that hard that you can’t do it. It improves balance and stability, a unilateral movement helps to build resilient legs, though it needs an extreme range of motion and sometimes you may get out of your body alignment. However, the harder you do the more benefits your body gets. To perform pistol squats you need to follow the instructions below –

The exercise is an advanced variant of body squats, with one leg. You need to raise your left toe and keep your weight on the right heel. Your hand must be raised parallel to the ground, not higher. Now, you need to slowly keep yourself down parallel to the ground and count to 10.After that, you can slowly straight your right leg and relax your hands to get back to position.

Front Plank:

Plank is a simple bodyweight exercise, yet it is an effective training you can do to improve abdomen and lasts strength. You don’t need any equipment and you can perform the static exercise anywhere possible. Just make sure you don’t collapse your lower back or drop your head, these two are commonly made mistakes while doing a plank, whether it is single-leg or forearm plank. Here’s how to do the front plank –

At first, lie on stomach, make sure you’re comfortable on the floor or use a mat. Make your elbows under shoulders, down your palms, and face your fingers forward. Now, slightly put your body upward, keep the weight on forearms and toes. Then, keep your legs and torso a bit stiff to slowly lower the body back to the position you started from.

Side Plank:

Just like the front plank, side plank is another variation of planks. Just an advance technique of it to improve the strength of your lats and abdomen. It engages the oblique better and the side muscles, however, it is difficult than the standard plank. Here’s how to do it –

Stack your legs on top of another and start from one side. Move your forearm which is on the ground below shoulder to contact your core. Now, you need to raise your hips till your body gets in a straight line from your head to your feet. Hold this position and count on 10 and then gently put down your hips to get back to the position. Repeat it from the other side of your body.


A quintessential training, you can do it anywhere and you’ll get benefits in no time. Lunge helps to make toned legs and shape your backside. But you need to perform it rightly in order to achieve great results fast, if you don’t do it right, you never know where is it harming. So it’s important to do a perfect one to avoid strain on the joints. Here’s how to do lunges perfectly –

Firstly, keep the upper portion of your body straight, chin up, and relax your shoulder keep it on backward. You can make a point in front of you to stare so you won’t look down. Now with one leg, step forward and lower the hips till your knees make a right angle. Your front knee needs to be above of your ankle and another knee must not touch the ground. Keep the whole body weight on your heels and then push back gently to move back to your first position.

Speed Skaters

This is an effective cardio workout which needs no equipment, also, you can perform it on a lousy weather to enjoy it even more. This plyometric exercise burns calories and boosts up lateral movements, and agility. Mainly, speed skaters work on the shoulder, back, abs, and legs. Follow the simple steps to perform the effective exercise perfectly –

Stand up with your feet and bend the knees in order to lower your body about 10 inches. Now, lean your body forward till your shoulders are above the knees, also maintain a good posture by bending your waist. Start hopping gently about 2 feet sideways while keeping the bodyweight on right foot. Now, hop while keeping the bodyweight on the other foot and do it about 20 reps if you’ve just started. Increase the repetition by time to keep yourself fit.


Burpees is a full body workout which that actually activates every muscle of the body, also burn more calories in less time than other exercises. Using your own bodyweight, you can perform it anywhere possible. It boosts your endurance and strength to enhance your everyday activities. Here’s how to do it –

Stand on your feet and hip width apart, keeps your arms by your side. Now, lower yourself into the squat position and keep your hands flat on the ground in front of your body. To keep a press-up position, you need to step backward with your legs. To come back to the squat position, you need to step back your legs towards your chest. Now, lift yourself up with your hands raised before your head.

Hand Release Push-ups:

A super-efficient workout to improve the strength of your upper body and whole body fitness. You can call it the devil of push-up variations that will make you stay on the ground for a long time between repetition. To perform a hand released push-up you need to follow these steps –

At first, keep your hands outside of your shoulder with arms locked and then, tight your glutes and abs, and keep a straight body posture. Now, keep yourself lower till your chest and thighs hit the ground, then lift your hands up from the ground and keep it where it was just before. It is recommended to keep a tight body while performing this exercise.

Bodyweight Fitness Benefits:

Bodyweight exercises have lots of benefits, including improvement of metabolism, sleep, bones, mood, and immunity; all of them come with no cost, except some time and motivation. The benefits are beyond your imagination, whether you’re trying to lose or gain weight, it doesn’t matter. Here are 5 important benefits of bodyweight fitness you need to know –

Super-Efficient Exercise:

Bodyweight workouts like plyometric gains a lot of fitness in a less span of time. As it requires no equipment, easy transition from one move to another. In between, you need a little rest to achieve great results.

Improve Cardio and Strength

Like high knees and burpees, a quick cardio exercise can encourage the heart and develop muscle and strength. You can do cardio exercises in between few sets of push-ups or similar workouts to keep your heart healthy.

Fat Burner:

You can burn fats by performing bodyweight workouts for an hour and see the results by yourself. It has the major impact of your body metabolism. Your body will rev more hours after these workouts.


Bodyweight training can improve your flexibility while building strength. A full range of bodyweight training can result in freely moving joints and you can feel how flexible your posture. Also, it helps to reduce injuries related to workouts, yoga is another way which needs no equipment to gain flexibility. Improving flexibility boosts your body strength faster.


It is the natural medicine for diabetes as it helps to reduce glucose from the blood and store it as glycogen to use for energy when needed. Also, it prevents glycation on a large scale before gathering in the bloodstream. These workouts can prevent blood vessels damage, organs and tissues problems in order to keep yourself healthy and free from any diseases. Nonetheless, lifting up your mood and boosting confidence are crucial benefits of bodyweight exercises.

So, the next time you feel depressed, start to work-out.

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