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Skinny Or Fit
If there were ever a time when the general population looked as far removed from their collective idea of beauty, it is now. It shouldn’t be very surprising when you consider that the focus is on becoming skinny, not fit. Is there really any difference between being skinny and being fit?
health benefits of exercise
"Exercise is good for you" is a phrase that most people hear all the time. But why exactly is it good for you? How do you benefit from it? Listed below are the top 10 regular exercise benefits that you can expect to receive
need confort?
There is a reason why it is called "comfort food". It is a common process for people who are emotionally vulnerable to turn to food when they need support and comfort, often without even realizing that they are doing it. Since the eating is mostly unconscious, it can be quite detrimental to your efforts to lose weight.
cut the calories
Wanting to see faster results from your diet and exercise program? Shaving off calories at every meal can make a huge difference. If you were to cut out 100 calories per day, about the amount that you would burn in a brisk 20 minute walk, that would add up to 10 pounds per year that don't settle on your hips, thighs, and butt. Calorie cutting is extremely easy.
This has been a long-term debate that never seems to come to any type of satisfactory conclusion. Some say yes, some say no...what do you believe? Cleansing kits are used primarily for two reasons, either as an addition to a weight loss program, or to give the body a break, allowing it to rejuvenate.
Clean Clothes, Clean Dishes, Clean....Air?
There are chores all around the home that need to be done. You never hear people yell out with excitement that "Great...it's time to wax the floor". Since the majority of us look at chores with distaste, as a necessary evil, changing how you view what must be done will not only get you a clean home, but you will also be getting rid of some unwanted calories as well.
Body of Water
Ask 100 people and you will get 100 different answers on the best tip that they have for health and weight loss. Some will give examples of exercises, some will suggest dietary supplements, and many will tell you to avoid certain foods. But is there really just one "all time greatest" tip? The Holy Grail of health and wellness? Yes there is.....water!
Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil for Health
There are plenty of healthy oils out on the market for consumption. When it comes to cooking, most people have a vegetable oil and then some type of olive oil. There is nothing wrong with using these oils, except that they break down at high temperatures, neutralizing any of the good effects. Coconut oil is about the best choice that can be made for cooking since it withstands high temperatures, allowing the heart healthy benefits of the oil to remain.