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80 10 10 Diet Review

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Short-term Weight Loss2.6
Long-term Weight Loss2.2
Nutritional completeness3.2
Ease of Use2.9

How the 80 10 10 Diet Works

Developed by Dr. Douglas Graham, the 80 10 10 Diet is a weight loss book that attempts to help people shed pounds by going on a unique vegan diet. Graham claims that people can lose weight on this diet if they stick to eating 80 percent carbs, 10 percent proteins and 10 percent fats. She also says that using the 80 10 10 Diet is much easier than other vegan weight loss systems.

While the creator’s intentions seem to be good, there is absolutely not proof that the 80 10 10 Diet can be a long term solution for people who need to lose weight. Not only that, it is one of the most restrictive diets on the market. Instead of using healthy vegan foods to help people lose weight, the 80 10 10 diet has them take on a very difficult meal plan. For example, one meal could be one pound of a single fruit rather than a mix of different fruits and vegetables.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the 80 10 10 Diet?

There is a very good chance that dieters will lose weight on the 80 10 10 Diet, but they will be doing so while only eating fruits and vegetables. Once they either add in other foods to their diets or give up on this weight loss plan altogether, they will be back at square one.

The 80 10 10 Diet does recommend daily exercise, which can add to a dieter’s weight loss, but they don’t go into great detail on which exercises people should be doing. This means that dieters have to put in even more effort trying to find workouts that blend well with this specific diet.

Level of Effort

Even if a dieter is a vegan already, chances are they will find the 80 10 10 Diet to be one of the toughest weight loss programs on the market. This is because they are limited to just a few different fruits and vegetables per day. Not only will they be hungry all the time, they will greatly miss the variety from their old diets.


It is great that Dr. Graham included multiple menus and nutritional information in his book, but that does not make the 80 10 10 Diet a good program to follow. It is simply too difficult for most people to get through, and the fact that it is a vegan diet means that only a small percentage of dieters will even attempt to use the 80 10 10 Diet to lose weight. At just under $30, the book just isn’t worth it unless dieters want to learn a little bit more about healthy vegan foods.

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