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Aztec Diet Review

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How the Aztec Diet Works

The Aztec Diet, which just as easily could be called the “Chia Diet,” is a three-phase weight loss plan that is said to help people lose a lot of weight while at the same time getting them healthy. It is very similar to many of the popular liquid diets out there today, the one difference being that the chia seed is mixed in with a lot of the foods and drinks in the Aztec Diet.

Famous author Dr. Bob Arnot is the creator of the Aztec Diet. He says that his secret ingredient is the chia seed, which will help people lose weight and keep it off the way that the Aztecs did centuries ago. Unfortunately for Mr. Arnot, there is no scientific data to back up his claims as of yet.

Dieters are instructed to stick to a mostly all-liquid diet for the first phase of the Aztec Diet, add a bit more solid food to the second phase, then learn to maintain a healthy diet for the third phase.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Aztec Diet?

If dieters follow the early stages of the Aztec Diet to a T, it would be pretty hard for them not to lose any weight. This isn't because the diet is special or different than all of the other weight loss methods; it's because liquid diets drastically lower the amount of calories people take in, which results in weight loss.

The big issue with the Aztec Diet and other similar diets is that it simply wasn't designed to be a long-term diet. Once the first two phases of the Aztec Diet are over, the dieter is left on his or her own to figure out how to keep the weight off. This underlines the biggest issue with liquid diets and is why they are rarely recommended by doctors or nutritionists.

Level of Effort

The Aztec Diet takes a massive amount of effort because people who are going on diets are usually used to eating what they want to eat. Going from that to going to two weeks of pretty much all liquids is challenging both mentally and physically.

The low percentage of people who do adjust to the early stages of the Aztec Diet will have to then be able to get back to solid foods and stick to a whole new diet. That, combined with having to develop an exercise routine, can be a very tough thing to accomplish for anyone, regardless of their will power.


The Aztec Diet looks great on the surface, but liquid diets are hard to recommend because they rarely work longer than a few weeks to a month. On top of that, the Aztec Diet book is around $30 and the chia seeds that dieters will need to buy are pretty expensive themselves. There are certainly better options out there for people who want to lose weight.

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