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Blood Type Diet Review

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How the Blood Type Diet Works

Created by Dr. Peter D’Adamo, the Blood Type Diet is a weight loss system that helps people choose the right foods to eat based on their blood types. D’Adamo claims that each person’s blood type is directly linked to his or her metabolism, so it is easy to figure out which foods people should be eating in order to shed pounds.

What’s good about the Blood Type Diet is that people are able to get specific meal plans based on their blood types. Unfortunately, it seems that people’s only chance of losing weight is going on a very restrictive diet. Since that is the case, it is hard to know if blood types have anything to do with it. When the diets are broken down, it seems like a lot of other weight loss plans and the blood type part of the diet is simply to stand out and make more sales.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Blood Type Diet?

There is a chance that people will lose weight while on the Blood Type Diet, but there is an even higher chance that those same people will gain it all back once they give up on the diet. The reason why many dieters will quit on the Blood Type Diet is because they have to avoid many of their favorite foods while also greatly limiting the amount of calories that they consume.

One good thing about the Blood Type Diet is that it does come with specific exercise plans based on people’s blood types. This isn’t as much of an advantage for dieter’s, though, because they will be zapped of energy due to the extremely low amount of calories they will be eating each day.

Level of Effort

In one way, the Blood Type Diet is a very easy weight loss system to understand since all people have to know is their blood type. However, since this is the type of diet that leads to major food cravings, it actually becomes a very difficult diet program to get through. It is also a pretty expensive diet since there are specific meals that people have to eat, so that just adds to the challenge.


There are some good weight loss ideas in the Blood Type Diet book, but most of those same ideas have been around for a while now. Other than pointing out that eating fatty foods is bad and that exercise is good, the Blood Type Diet doesn’t bring anything new to the table. Since there is no proof that blood type is directly connected to one’s metabolism, it is hard to give the book any credit for people’s weight loss.

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User Feedback
4 comments / 67% approval
posted 4 April 2017, 00:48   *
Absolutely works by eliminating inflammation that keeps you feeling I'll no energy craving something to soothe your I'll feelings and irritation like you are being assaulted on the inside. I've nowvlost cravings and 15 pounds in 2 weeks with no exercise. I feel satisfied drinking water and my mood is so much nicer and clearer thinking. 100% correct. Naysayers are reading the "non conclusive" results which dies NOT equal negative rather not enough study.
posted 19 July 2016, 20:28   *
I have had exceptional results on the Type O eating plan. I made 12 changes to Type O-friendly counterparts and so far I have lost 45 lbs in 5 months without even trying. It works because these foods satisfy my hunger very quickly vs those foods containing gluten, corn, peanuts and potatoes. Inflammation is gone, zero joint pains, no belly fat and lots of energy. My body continues to adjust to the weight loss and so far I've dropped four clothing sizes and a 1/2 shoe size. The good news/bad news, I had to shop for a new wardrobe! Delicious gluten and corn-free foods and lean grass-fed meats are plentiful so no problem finding the right foods. I highly recommend the Type O lifestyle but can't speak for the others. It is hard to overeat because the food choices satisfy you so quickly. I am not depriving myself of carbs. The trick is selecting the "Beneficial" foods first, "Neutral" for variety, and truly avoid the "Avoids" - no cheating! Eventually you will lose your taste for the "Avoid" foods because you feel so good without them. I love the health benefits and the weight loss is a bonus. Lots of naysaying about this food plan from the scientific community but I can't say enough about the success I've experienced.
posted 7 February 2016, 16:11   *
There is no proof that this dietary method works. The idea that weight loss is tied to your blood type is unscientific. The type O diet is basically a low-carbohydrate diet, which has proved to be a successful way to lose weight for some people. The Type A diet basically follows a vegetarian diet, another way to lose weight for some. This diet, like any diet that helps you focus on what you eat can help you lose weight for the short-term. Focusing on what you eat, not any nutritional or physiologic secret, accounts for any weight loss.
Zelda Johnson, complementary alternative medicine practitioner
posted 7 February 2016, 13:54   *
Actually, the blood type diet is about understanding which foods work well with your blood type. Eating according to the dynamics of your blood type helps you to concentrate on eating foods that do not promote inflammation, weight gain, etc. That's the key to maintaining and promoting health. So here is an example, I am blood type B: no chicken, wheat, tomatoes, corn and peanuts. Those are the basic five foods to avoid across the board. There are many others in the vegetable, condiments, fruits, meats, etc. categories. I stopped eating chicken for two months and found I felt better, I lost some weight, and my body did not have that cramped or swelling that I sometimes experienced. No, not sometimes, I always felt. Hmm, I thought. Is it really blood type diet? I regained eating the chicken and I felt the difference; that cramping and swelling. So, yes, eating according to your blood type helps your body to counter inflammation. Add all the variables that are important to losing weight like exercise, drinking water, etc., and eating according to your blood type, you will lose weight! Finally, think about it: mass market advertising touts chicken and remember when they told you to eat wheat versus white bread? and soy milk? and now we find that wheat isn't the best for us. It is the same. If I ate all the chicken that they recommend for losing weight as a meat choice, as a B blood type, that would just frustrate my results. Get a good understanding of the blood type diet by reading Eat 4 Your Type by Peter D'Adamo. Understand exactly what it is rather than thinking of it as just a diet program. It is a way of health.