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Bright Line Eating Diet Review

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Bright Line Eating is a diet plan developed by Psychologist and neuroscience expert Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson to help people struggling with weight issues to have a permanent solution. To put it in her own words, the goal of this eating plan is helping thousands of people to live “Happy, Thin, and Free.” According to Susan, obesity is not just a physical problem arising from consuming too many calories, but a complex one involving psychological and hormonal issues. Not surprisingly, she employs psychology and neuroscience principles, as well as foods that help regulate hormones, to bring about a radical change in the person. As the name implies, a number of well defined ‘bright lines’ help the dieters stay on the right course until they reach their weight goals. They also act as guidelines for maintaining the desired weight for life.

How the Bright Line Eating Works

Dr. Susan insists that Bright Line Eating is not merely a diet or an eating plan for weight loss, but a completely new way of healthy living. She slams the conventional wisdom–eating in moderation and exercising–to lose weight. On the other hand, Bright Line Eating makes use of the hormone leptin and the ­­technique of brain rewiring to achieve control over our eating and weight gain.

Leptin is called ‘satiety hormone’ because it is produced by the fat tissue when the body feels that it has sufficient energy store. It prompts us to stop eating and become more active. In other words, the hormone leptin is actually body’s own natural defense against excessive fat storage and weight gain. Since this hormone is produced by the adipose tissue (fat cells) leptin levels in the body would naturally be higher in those having more fat tissue. However, that doesn’t seem to help them avoid gaining weight. As a matter of fact, people who are overweight or obese do produce more leptin, but it often gets blocked by the hormone insulin, so it cannot prevent weight gain. Therefore, the key to increasing leptin levels is to reduce insulin production in the body.
The Bright Line Eating program involves moderate calorie-restriction for weight reduction, but more importantly, it almost completely eliminates all foods that trigger excessive insulin production. As everyone probably knows, insulin is produced in response to carbohydrate intake, especially sugar and refined carbs. That means one should cut sugar and refined flours from the diet to reduce insulin levels and reap the benefits of leptin; and they form two of the ‘bright lines’ of the Bright Line Eating. Foods that elevate blood sugar levels are also addictive because they excite the pleasure centers of the brain like cocaine does. In fact, sugar has been found to be even more addictive that cocaine or heroin. So, that is one more good reason to stay clear of sugars. This eventually leads to rewiring of the brain to overcome sugar addiction and cravings.
Another important feature of the program is developing automatic habits to take the strain off the willpower. According to Dr. Susan, moderating food intake merely through exercising the dieter’s discretion, whether it is the type of food or amount, is bound to fail. That is because having to make the right choices continuously taxes the willpower. Many scientific experiments have shown time and again that willpower is a mental muscle that is prone to fatigue and susceptible to failure. Dependence on willpower is, in fact, one of the main reasons why so many people fail to follow through the best of weight loss diets. Consequently, the clear, non-negotiable ‘bright lines’ of this program take the choice out of your hands regarding the following:

  • Sugar (all kinds of sugar to be avoided, including honey and maple syrup)
  • Flour (all kinds of processed flours from both grains and pulses to be eliminated
  • 3 meals per day (no snacking in between)
  • Fixed quantity of food (either by weight or by plate)

The Bright Line Eating Boot Camp

The Bright Line Eating program starts with a Boot Camp that is 8 weeks in duration. It is designed to help people overcome eating disorders and food addictions, and put them on a path of liberation from the vicious cycle of weight gain and dieting. It has much in common with de-addiction programs like Alcohol Anonymous and FA, and, like them, peer group support is continued through private social media groups. As with AA, the main prerequisite for joining the Boot Camp is that the dieter should wholeheartedly want to undertake the program. He/she should not be forced or coerced into it by parents, spouses, friends or even healthcare workers.  

The Bright Line Eating Boot Camp is a completely online program that anyone anywhere in the world can join if one has access to a computer and a reliable Internet connection. It is conducted in batches with limited admission. That’s one little drawback because one has to look out for the announcement of a new session. But for those who are impatient until registration for the next boot camp opens, or just want to test the waters, Dr. Susan now offers a 14-day trial or The Bright Line Eating 14-Day Challenge here: http://foodfreedom.brightlineeating.com/14-day-challenge-nc/

It comes with the Bright Line Eating Weight Loss Food Plan and daily videos from Dr. Susan for 2 weeks. You will also get access to the mobile platform Bright Line Eating Daily Companion that would support your efforts as you develop the right habits to drive your weight loss journey. While this 2-weeks challenge costs $29, you could also order her new book, Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin, and Free  https://brightlineeating.com/book/  for under $20. 

Is exercise involved?

As mentioned before, Dr. Susan’s view on exercise for weight loss goes against conventions. She argues, with the support of scientific evidence, that exercise has no significant role in weight reduction, and that it can actually derail your weight loss efforts.

It is quite understandable that vigorous exercise can cause physical harm when a person is carrying quite a lot of extra pounds; it can put the joints under tremendous stress, and can even lead to permanent damage. But even moderate or light exercise is discouraged in this program. It is on the premise that it causes unnecessary physical and mental stress at a time when the dieter is already under a lot of strain to adjust to the food restrictions and other lifestyle changes required by the program.

However, later in the program, after the insulin levels have come under control, and leptin levels increase sufficiently, the body may naturally respond to these changes by increasing physical activity. One has the choice of indulging in exercise at that time, for the many benefits it offers.    

Nutritional profile

Bright Line Eating allows all kinds of healthy and nutritious natural foods, although in limited quantities and fixed number of times per day. The portions are generous enough to satiate real hunger and meet the energy requirements of the body. One can choose from meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits. While flours of all kinds have to be avoided, whole grains in unprocessed form are allowed. Similarly, natural sweetness in fruits and vegetables can be enjoyed; it is the concentrated and refined versions that have to be eliminated.
Since animal sources of protein can be replaced by beans and other legumes, the Bright Line Eating plan is adaptable to vegan and vegetarian diets too. There have been no reports of nutritional deficiencies or need for vitamin or mineral supplements.   

The Cost Factor

The main cost of the Bright Line Eating is for the 8-weeks Boot Camp, which doesn’t come cheap considering the fact that it’s an online program. The price of each camp may vary, but it is a relief that it has now come down to under $500, from the original cost of nearly $1,000. It supposedly covers the expenses of maintaining a support team for the benefit of dieters. Since the diet does not involve any weight loss products or dietary supplements, there’s no recurrent costs involved, although a small monthly fee may be payable for continued access to Facebook support groups. The recently published work by Dr. Susan Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin, and Free may be an additional cost, but it’s optional.

The option of joining the 2-weeks challenge to get a taste of the program is an advantage for those who are wary of making a big investment. At the price of $29, it is affordable for almost anyone interested in this program.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Bright Line Eating Diet?  

Dr. Susan developed Bright Line Eating based on the diet and lifestyle changes that helped her lose weight after a long struggle with obesity in her 20s. She structured it into a comprehensive plan with ample scientific explanations and presents it as a foolproof weight loss method for the benefit of others in the same struggle. Dieters who follow the eating plan and strictly stay within the ‘bright lines’ reportedly enjoy significant weight loss over the 8 weeks they spend in the Boot Camp. They apparently continue to shed pounds even afterwards and manage to keep them off long-term. Average weight loss reported is about 10 pounds per month, but it is dependent on many other factors, and may vary from person to person.
Not everyone has the same success with the diet, though. As is the case with any other weight loss diet, along with success stories, there are bound to be failures also, particularly when people cheat on the program. Metabolic makeup of individuals may also play a part in determining their response to the program. You can actually find a quiz at their website to help determine if your brain circuitry tends to undermine your weight loss efforts. http://foodfreedomquiz.com/

Level of Effort

Bright Line Eating takes moderate to high level of effort. The restrictions are not many, but they really pinch, especially when it comes to sugar and refined flours. Since they have been such an integral part of our diet for so long, many dieters would find the ‘bright lines’ to be quite restrictive. Snacking between meals is so common at homes and in work places that it would take tremendous willpower to say ‘NO’ to them.
One important fact that Dr. Susan highlights in her lecture series is that there’s no middle way, or scope for compromise, when it comes to the bright lines, especially the first two. Because of their highly addictive nature, one has no option but to avoid them completely if one wants to break the cycle. They should be treated just like alcohol or nicotine addiction where a clean break is the only way to go.  
Since the program focuses on overcoming food addictions, cravings, and eating disorders, people may find it getting easier as they go forward. That is one reason why those who tasted success with this diet choose to stick with it long term. 


Bright Line Eating is backed by sound science and rational explanations. No food group is eliminated in its entirety, so it can be considered a healthy, wholesome eating plan. Apart from the weight loss benefits, it promises freedom from many metabolic diseases and medication and also an energy boost from the high leptin levels.  Although avoiding all processed food presents many practical problems in day-to-day life, the extra effort required may reap rich dividends. Those who have successfully followed the program vouch for its efficacy, so it is definitely worth a try, especially at the price the 2-week challenge is offered.

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User Feedback
45 comments / 95% approval
Eric R
posted 31 July 2018, 03:40   *
This plan is amazing. I lost 40lbs in 4 months, and have maintained my goal weight for 2 months. I have yo-you'd up and down 60lbs over the years several times, and now I have no doubt I can maintain this weight. I bought the book and then joined the Bootcamp. I like that Susan talks about the science and psychology of why diets fail. The amount of knowledge through the modules and online peer and coaching support is worth it. Not only do I feel great with the weight off, but I have increased energy and my depression and anxiety have lifted for the most part. The plan recommends giving up alcohol as well which I have continued to maintain and feel great about it. I highly recommend!
Joseph in Missoula
posted 25 July 2018, 14:47   *
It should be mentioned that Dr. Thompson has her Ph.D. in Brain & Cognitive Science from the prestigious University of Rochester, in NY. The article said that she's a psychologist, but she's really a Brain and Cognitive Scientist, which is a much more comprehensive study. Although she did teach in the Psychology Department at several colleges and universities, neuroscience is perhaps closer to her true bailiwick. She resides in Rochester with her husband and three young daughters, and is a professor at the University of Rochester.
Joseph in Missoula
posted 25 July 2018, 14:32   *
The BLE Boot Camp is now "Evergreen", which means that you can do it whenever you're ready. But you don't have to plunge into it. You can take the 14-day challenge, which gives you a good taste of what the Boot Camp can do for you.
posted 17 July 2018, 15:18   *
I'm not much of an evangelist or advocate generally but I'd like say (again) in a calm clear non-fanatical voice, BLE works. It works like advil gets rid of a headache. No need to pump yourself up, manufacture enthusiasm or positive mental attitude. Just follow the rules. My previously irresistible cravings disappeared in a day or two! - they've faded to relatively powerless memories. I'm a 57 year old man - I've lost 68 lbs in 17 very comfortable pretty much anxiety free weeks. 67 lbs to go on the way to 185 lbs. I can't explain it. The reasons it works are laid out in the book and are believable enough. It gets easier as you go - unlike any diet I've tried before. It's a pity there is no real money in curing obesity this simply. You know the old joke about how you find the thing you lost in the last place you look - (because of course after you find it you stop looking) BLE is like that.
posted 13 June 2018, 20:08   *
I turned 54 this month and have been going through peri-men. symptoms for 6 years. I have dieted and exercised since I’m 16 and always struggled with my weight. I reached lifetime WW goal in 2010 only to gain it back plus more. I considered myself a healthy eater but weight has always hounded me. I bought Susan’s book on vacation on audible and started listening to it on April 11th. I immediately stopped eating flour and sugar and then did the BL 14 day challenge and learned quantities and measurements. The hardest part is three meals a day and no snacking. Still is but I have come to peace with it and have a cup of tea when I feel antsy. I am Day 55 and 17 pounds down - I hope to hit my goal by November. I cried when she spoke about exercise as I know now that it was holding me back from losing weight. (Triathalons, running 5 miles a day for years, Zumba certified, Ripped classes for years - rarely in a right sized body). My mom is one of the first WW success stories and one of the 1-100th% that kept off her weight for decades so I always felt like a failure that she could do it and I couldn’t. She cannot understand why moderation isn’t an option - a small piece of pizza and-or piece of bread shouldn’t be a problem if I just control myself. This book has been a game changer for me. I know today I will be keeping my Bright Lines today! Thank you Susan!
posted 11 June 2018, 16:38   *
3rd post - I'm down 52 lbs in 13 weeks. This works and is free, if you borrow the book from the library (but buy the damn book - you won't feel quite so guilty). I speak from 35+ years of figuring out every way to fail at dieting that is possible. I used to nurse the "set point" theory as the explanation for why I could not lose weight and keep it off - It's not true - it's a little comforting - but it's not true - at least it's not if you're willing to give up sugar and flour - which really is not that hard. If you're like me you'll eventually realize you always felt kinda bad when you eat sugar/flour. Not planning what you're going to eat and in what quantities causes anxiety - especially if you're overweight. It's a virtuous spiral - as the behaviors become habit, as your system becomes clear of sugar/flour and you relieve yourself of thinking about what and how much you're going to eat - except for the 5 - 10 minutes a day when you plan to think about it - the whole thing largely fades from consciousness. The need to talk incessantly about food and dieting goes away. All that's left is the guilt you feel when you see others suffering with this. I haven't figured that part out yet.
posted 6 June 2018, 10:52   *
RE: Cheryl's post 23 January 2018 - Bet you haven't tried it. The founder openly and often claims 12-step programs in her own long journey of recovery, but this plan is based on brain SCIENCE. Read what those who are actually doing it say. Of course it costs money - it's an organization with full-time workers. How much does obesity cost? In medical, food, lost wages? BLE is a tiny fraction of that. And the participants are enthusiastic! A huge percentage stay for LIFE, not the two weeks it takes for one to get tired of other programs. If you are struggling, at least read the book. Yes, you can do it alone, but take it from a sceptic of online stuff, the support means a lot. You KNOW you need accountability, right? It's non-judgemental, positive, open to all - no slant toward any belief. And it can accommodate most food choices, from beefeaters to vegans and anything in between. Learn what it means to be FREE, even if you aren't thin yet. FREE to think about other areas of life, rather than the guilt, shame and worry you normally give to food issues. BLEers LOVE BLE. So, say what you will, don't knock it if you haven't tried it!
Jim U.
posted 30 May 2018, 20:55   *
I just completed 100 days on Bright Line Eating. It has not always been easy, but it has been exactly what I needed. I read the book and then signed up for the Bright Line Eating online boot camp. Since starting I have lost 70lbs. I still have about another 70lbs to go, but for the first time in my life I know that I can do it because I now know how to do it. I like that the food program does not require any meal products, shakes or supplements. Just real food including lots of fruits and veggies. You could do this as a vegan, a vegetarian or a meat eater. I should say that this program is specifically for people who have a food addiction. If this is you, this program is great!
posted 28 May 2018, 07:02   *
How successful were you on the Bright Line Eating Diet? I released 11 lbs in two weeks What was the hardest part while on the Bright Line Eating Diet? Taking time to journal at the end of the day. Have you had any side effects while on the Bright Line Eating Diet? Outside of releasing unwanted weight, no. Advantages and disadvantages of the Bright Line Eating Diet? Learning about my brain's reaction to sugar and flour, acknowledging my addiction, and now knowing I need to treat flour and sugar like cigarettes and drugs empowered me to not desire to consume any flour or sugar during my two week BLE challenge. BLE includes plant-based eaters. Would you recommend Bright Line Eating Diet? Absolutely.
posted 12 May 2018, 09:10   *
Started BLE with 14-day challenge on Feb 1st, still on the weight loss plan, lost about 40 pounds so far, another 20 to go. I totally relate to the reviews that this diet is different from the many I tried before. Feels great with all food categories represented in the menu. Yeah, there is some hunger between the meals, several times I "crossed the lines" but got back on track immediately and overall I believe this diet is doable.
posted 6 May 2018, 14:32   *
I started BLE Sept. 1. I lost lost 54 lbs. without any cravings, and have been maintaining my goal weight easily for months now. It's spring and I'm wearing size 4 white jeans and feeling great! Now I can wear beautiful, vintage clothes and look sensational. I'm getting out and about more, seeing and doing, and socializing like I haven't in decades. After 45 years of struggling with food addictions, compulsive eating, anxiety, and depression, I'm finally happy, thin, and free! You can be, too. BLE is an AMAZING program. And it doesn't have to cost anything! If you're auto-didactic, all you'll need is the book (free from your library) and the free online videos to get and keep you going. If you like Facebook and want to connect with other BLErs that way, the main BLE page is free, too. If you're even the least bit interested, do yourself a favor and look further into this program. You'll be astonished at the improvements in your physical and mental health. Bonne chance!
posted 3 May 2018, 16:28   *
Doubling down on my 21 Mar 2018 post. In 8th week now, down 31 lbs (100 to go). This one is different - no struggling, no white knuckle wretchedness.
Tom DeSaranno
posted 29 April 2018, 09:56   *
Modified BLE is working well for me. 24 lbs in 3 months. No sugars / processed food (sorry, that includes alcohol - but I live in Colorado - cannabis is a great relaxer - experienced users don't get munchies, so PRACTICE!). No flours. BLE uses mostly veg that grow aboveground, some meat/fish/eggs. You eat food that you prepare from scratch from ingredients that my grandmother would recognize. Portion control. Three meals a day - no snackarinos or BLTs (bite, lick, taste). I did the "meal planning the night before" component at first, but that became unnecessary over time. However, I track using loseit.com (tracking substitutes for planning in my version of it). Loseit premium is $29/yr, free if you don't want the features (I like them). For me, there was no reason to go to a $500 BLE boot camp, however, my dear friend got a lot out of it. I tried a BLE 14 day $29 challenge, found it lacking, and got my $$$ back - BLE's return policy is highly ethical. For materials, I borrowed Bright Line Eating by Susan Pierce Thompson, PhD from my library. You don't even need to keep the book. Just memorize the four principles and implement them. BLE restricts choice (unlike WW, which has too many) and there's a certain freedom in that. Ultimately, whatever works for you is what's important. I made slight tweaks to BLE, but adhere to 1) 3 meals 2) weigh 'n measure 3) no sugar 4) no flours. Good luck!
posted 11 April 2018, 09:03   *
I started Bright line eating in August of 2017, after many years and attempts at weight loss which always resulted in regaining the weight after 2018A about 15 lbs. I have since lost 65 lbs (April 2018). While there are restrictions to the plan including no flour or sugar, I found that the plan offered a huge amount of freedom of choice for foods. The guidelines provided for portion control were adequate, and the processes suggested to help with cravings, snacking, overeating had a significant impact on the success of the plan. I would especially recommend this plan to anyone who is an emotional eater or considers themselves addicted to sugar or carbs.
posted 21 March 2018, 10:03   *
I have been doing BLE now for 1 week. I've lost 7 lbs. I started at 320 lbs. I love the science. It's as powerful a set of explanations as any I've read for my own inability to lose weight and keep it off. I found myself exclaiming aloud while reading the early science chapters of the book. Getting this information for just the price of the book is such a huge bargain. BLE fits together like a jig saw puzzle. No sugar, no flour period (.) Planning what to eat the night before and weighing everything. Seems crazy but I got used to it in about 3 days. It's not a burden, it's a relief. Weighing things is fun - really. Not eating anything between meals is also a huge relief. Moving those activities to the same part of your brain that tells you to brush your teeth - brilliant. Would not have believed how effective it is. It should be taught as a mandatory health class in middle school. It will put bariatric surgeons out of business.
posted 6 March 2018, 06:39   *
Bright line eating has worked for me although its easy to get complacent. I struggled around Dec and January. If the rules are followed in essence it's possible to gain neutrality around food so you are no longer concerned with the internal conflict around treats and will I just have yet another little bit...which creates anxiety. Anxiety that for me feels like hunger. I got the book and follow the video log. I couldn't afford the boot camp. I go it alone. I didn't have much weight to lose but was overweight until I was 15, so you can guess I have food issues and anxieties about gaining weight. BLE can give me peace. Safe, thin and free is more like it for me. Happy is not guaranteed...life still happens!
Sam H.
posted 5 March 2018, 02:05   *
My name is Sam and I am 37 years old. I have no trouble losing weight, when I eat correctly I can lose any amount of weight that I chose. My stuggle has always been with wanting to continue to eat healthy. I have danced the lose some gain some dance since the 6th grade. Problem was my impulse ALWAYS won. I found there were times I could not stop myself from shoving food into my mouth even after a period of healthy eating. About 45 days ago, on 1/16/18, my wife and I decided to give BLE a try. We bought the book and followed the instructions and I have lost 28 lbs, and continue to lose an average of 0.5 lbs a day. My wife loses slower but is up to 10-12 lbs herself. That's it, very simple. What I like is that this program has a plan for what to do AFTER you've reached your goal. Something I've not seen before. For the first time in my life, I feel like I have a shot to live healthy and maybe even look good while doing it! I highly recommend this to all my family and friends.
posted 26 February 2018, 18:42   *
Bright Lines Eating (BLE) is a beautiful integration of current clinical and research information regarding weight loss. It solves the problems posed by insulin, cortisol, leptin, brain structure, addiction, "will-power", etc. This is an excellent program. The add-ons, however, are weak. For instance, the meditation program is obnoxious. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to the Headspace app. Meditation IS important. Headspace will give you a subscription that is 6 times as long for less than half the money, and, it's qualitatively superior. Other add-ons do not come close to the quality of Susan Pierce Thompson's commitment to science, weight loss, emotional regulation and YOU; she's the real deal. Take her susceptibility quiz. If you're a 10, or close to, buy the book. Do the bootcamp. Don't buy more than that. BTW, Dr. Thompson says the average boot camper will lose 17 pounds during boot camp. This was true to my experience.
posted 3 February 2018, 06:16   *
I've done it for just a little over 2 weeks days after listening to the audio book. I've already lost 8 lbs. 30 or 40 more to go. Going to stick to it. I'm satisfied by what I am eating, and I already feel hopeful for the first time EVER for a weight loss plan. It's really not been hard so far. Even navigated my first party using the mantra, "that is not my food." I love that I don't have to exercise on top of the eating part. I always felt I had to do that when trying to lose weight, and I always got discouraged and failed.
posted 23 January 2018, 01:25   *
This is not an original diet, this founder of this program is from FA, Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous. There are three other programs similar that are Anonymous programs with the focus of weighing and measuring meals, having specific measurement of foods, ie, protein, 4 oz, cooked veggies, 8 oz, 8-12 oz salad ...depending on what food program you belong to. Each one has its own rules but these programs get results and are strictly donation only. This may be a great program if you find you prefer to pay someone but this is not in fact original to this founder.
posted 21 January 2018, 12:18   *
I bought the book, then I did the 14 day challenge and then joined the boot camp. I am 62 and have had a weight problem most of my adult life, until now. I had tried everything yes, everything and wasted a lot of money. This isn't really a diet as it is lifestyle modification. I have lost half my excess weight in a relatively short time period and without too much struggle. Yes leaving flours and sugar behind was a challenge and that is still ongoing but with lots of support I have been for the most part been successful. One very important thing you are taught is to be nice to yourself if you slip up. Its called the Bunny Slipper treatment. Having been successful in all other areas of my life I was prone to beating myself up whenever I failed to meet my weight loss expectations. That my friends leads to an overeating binge. Now I don't beat myself up and resume the plan almost instantly. I am pleased to say that the support comes from a couple of different camps in Bright line. Most of the support I have received has been from my peers. Online contact has been brilliant. We are like family. You have that support 24/7/365. I haven't tapped into the company support so far I haven't needed it. But I know its there if and when I need it. I also find that I am spending way less money on food. They even teach you how to eat out without blowing the plan. I love that it is based on science not just someone else's success that cant be replicated by me. Actual research is taking place based on current participants. Would I recommend Bright Line Eating? I frankly think it has saved my life. I had extremely high blood pressure and my husband was Type 2 Diabetic. Drugs galore........I am so happy to say that both of us are off all our meds and we have jointly lost over 60lbs. BLE is a blessing and I highly recommend the program.
posted 7 January 2018, 09:07   *
I did the 14 day challenge without a single cheat. Seriously, it was a lot of food compared to what I normally eat. I lost 0 pounds, 0 kilos. No kidding. I wrote my feedback they requested...no response. Not even a thanks for the time to give feedback on a program I paid for. Anyway, I am a swimmer with a very low metabolism....coukd have something to do with it. I am 64 years old. The upside is that I felt great, sugar cravings gone, mood swings stopped, joints stopped aching. That is one of the happy and free parts of it I love. I have the book and will be on the program. Hopefully I will lose some he weight too as I really would love to be in my right sized self and clothes I feel good in. I don’t personally care for the online support group thing or lots of connections to other causes or being involved in the coaches personal life so much (I was in WAWL and it started to nauseate me,....self referencing through a pricey program) so will stick with the book. I think Susanne is bringing a very important program to people because it is about balance rather than extremes...even if the prepping, weighing and planning take lots of time. Try it, you will most likely succeed and feel fabulous.
Judy Crenshaw
posted 28 December 2017, 21:48   *
I am for ever grateful for Bright Line Eating for transforming my life. I paid for bootcamp right off as after listening to Susan's video I knew that the addiction to flour and sugar was my problem. It is the first time in the many diets I have tried that I got rid of 41 pounds in 88 days. I love all the support I have received with Bright Line eating websites and groups. I have the book too but I have been connected through the website. I feel the greatest ever. I am getting to thin but I am definitely Happy and free from the addiction as long as I do not eat flour or sugar. Yeah!!!! I do not mine weighing my food. Eating three meals a day is right on. No snacks was alittle challenging but not a problem. I will recommend the Bright line eating. I tell people I know from all the eating programs that as an individual we have to find the one that is absolutely right for ourselves.
posted 19 December 2017, 09:49   *
I read the book and started Bright Line Eating in May 2017. Now, 6 months later I am 32 pounds lighter and still losing. This is the missing piece of the puzzle for me. The science makes so much sense and the plan is the to perfect balance of structure and flexibility. It has literally been the easiest thing I have ever done for weight loss. And it's sustainable. The book provides both science and inspiration. Can't recommend this highly enough.
posted 17 December 2017, 09:30   *
My sister did the Boot Camp and found it well worth the money. She inspired me and I'm on day 8 of the 14 Day Challenge. BLT promotes "Happy, thin, and free". I haven't seen anyone address the 'happy' or 'free'. The happiness comes from a clearer, un-addicted mind, healthy nutritional habits, and trading the pain that comes with the shame, guilt, and obsession about food for the peace that comes with eating with integrity and actually losing weight. The 'free' is so important. When you know you're only going to eat 3 meals and day and you've planned the meals ahead of time - that kills the obsessive food thoughts about what you can eat, can't, should, shouldn't, when (all the time usually) etc. The cost? I've saved so much money by not eating out, fast foods, impulse purchases at the store, etc. that I think it will pay for it's self over time. Yes, you can buy the book and find videos online - but as with any important project I feel it makes sense to use the right 'tools'. I see myself doing this for life - because I'm so tired of feeling shame and guilt and want to truly be happy, thin, and free.
posted 6 December 2017, 07:24   *
I bought the audiobook and find her story and information inspiring and factual. However, if you have read the book or audiobook, you don't need to pay for the 14 Day Challenge. I did not find any benefit in it. In fact, I am asking for a refund. I am happy to pay for the book, not pay for the same info, again, with bootcamp. I found it frustrating that they have an app that you can't use unless you spend a ton of money on their bootcamp. I suggest, as others have, follow the diet or any "no sugar, no flour' diet plan and find a good support group and save your moeny.
posted 20 November 2017, 08:45   *
I lost a lot of weight in a stort period of time. It was hard the first week or so, after that it feels great, and I spend almost no time at all thinking about food today! I also sleep better. I think I will eat this way for the rest of my life :)
posted 22 October 2017, 16:51   *
Lost 30 lbs between April and September. Didi not do the boot camp just bought the book. Feeling great and sticking to it.
posted 18 October 2017, 01:43   *
I did the October 2017 bootcamp. It was very expensive at $1000; however, it helped me reverse a downward spiral of eating snack (unhealthy) food compulsively. With just the basics of the plan (no sugar, no flour, no snacking), I lost 7 pounds in the first ten days before the boot camp started. I followed the BLE diet with just a few small diversions for five weeks, until a power outage caused me to waver. I continued to mostly follow the BLE diet for another 2 to 3 months, loosing weight more slowly but steadily, for a total weight loss of 25 pounds over 2 or 3 months. During this time I spent a lot of time watching BLE coaching calls and immersing myself in changing my habits. Then I took a job which kept me busier. With less time and energy to devote to the diet, I was unable to sustain it. My eating is healthier than it was pre-BLE but I have slowly regained my weight in over one year. However, I keep trying to return to BLE, because the idea of eating healthier foods in healthier portions is more appealing to me than counting calories.
Storm Wolff
posted 13 October 2017, 08:18   *
I did the bootcamp in January 2017. I recently began maintenance after dropping 50# by sticking with the program. I am free of obsessive food behavior and have settled into a bright line life. I feel energized and completely confident in my right sized body. For anyone who truly wants to be free from food addiction and release the extra weight I urge you to make the investment in yourself to join this community. I wish I could post a before and after picture here because the transformation for me has been phenomenal.
posted 4 October 2017, 20:04   *
Did the $998 bootcamp in Oct.2015. IT DID NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1Wasted money!
posted 30 September 2017, 06:16   *
It Works. Period.
posted 28 September 2017, 12:03   *
I bought the book in August, then started BLE on Sept 1st and lost 14.2 lbs in 3 weeks (I weigh again tomorrow for the 4 week mark, so hopefully there will be an even bigger loss to report). I have been a huge sugar addict my whole life and was also addicted to diet soda. Coming off the caffeine and aspartame made the first 4-5 days pretty rough (this was probably also aggravated by cutting out sugar), but once I got beyond the headaches, everything fell into place. I am shocked that I haven't had a single sugar craving since starting. I guess the fruit satisfies anything I thought I would be missing flavor-wise. I have struggled for years with weight loss and am so thankful that I have finally found a plan that is helping me be healthy, lose weight, and kick some bad - and often expensive - habits (sugar, caffeine, aspartame) at the same time. I thought it would be frustratingly restrictive, but it turns out it is incredibly freeing. I didn't do the 14 day challenge or the boot camp, but I truly don't think I need those. The book was full of fantastic information and guidance all on its own. I started with about 100 lbs to lose overall, but I'm off to a great start and feel pretty optimistic for the first time in years that I'll finally get there! :)
posted 28 September 2017, 10:24   *
I started the 14 day BLE challenge 4 days ago. I have tried EVERY diet under the sun for the past 40 years to loose and keep the weight off, nothing worked long term. I am enjoying the program and feel satisfied with the amount of food that is permitted and I look forward to the daily videos Susan posts on the next new day. I bought her book and I am still sitting on the fence if I will do the 8 week boot camp after the challenge. At this point I am thinking that the challenge will be enough to keep me going, I feel my resolve grows stronger by the day. I'm happy that my prayers have been answered :-)
posted 17 September 2017, 08:38   *
I have done BLE for 47 days and have lost 17 lbs so far. This diet is very satisfying and easy to work through. I love that I have become more mindful of what I am eating and when I am eating. I feel that this die offer long term hope for not regaining the weight
posted 11 September 2017, 15:57   *
I LOVE BLE! I have done some very radical harmful things in the past 40 years, to lose weight. I lost, looked like death and gained it all back. The only things I haven't tried are Jenny Craig, gastric bypass and lapband. BLE is the greatest way of life. I will NEVER go back. My body is shrinking. My blood pressure went down drastically in 2 weeks. My bp meds went from 50mg a day to 12.5mg a day and water pillls from 10 mg a day to 5 mg every other day. No more prilosec. My pre diabetes dropped to just barely above normal. I have Dr appt on Wed and pretty sure I will be off more meds. My body is shrinking. My pant size went from 22W to 16 regular size. I have TONS more energy. My daughter lost 45 lbs in 11 weeks. I'm 61 yo and lost 34 lbs and tons of inches in 16 weeks. I love Dr Susan Pierce Thompson. I did the 14 day challenge (LOVED IT) it was worth every penny of the 29.00. I did not do the boot camp, bought the book and digital food scales (the one Susan recommended) and have been successful. Best way of life EVER!!
posted 27 August 2017, 18:56   *
I have been doing the Bright Line Eating plan, based on the book, for 7 days and have lost 9.8 pounds. I'm used to losing several pounds in the first week or so of any new diet, but this surpasses anything I've achieved before. For me, it's very important to understand the WHY of my habits and behaviors, and Susan's research and conclusions really resonate with me. One reason I am so excited about this way of eating is that it is so SIMPLE (although it may seem complicated when you get started.) I absolutely LOVE that I am not thinking about food 24/7 any more - I made my own simple worksheet and I plan the next day's meals after eating dinner when I'm already full. I was a "grazer" and it was surprisingly easy to give up snacking by just telling myself NO, rather than "should I, shouldn't I, maybe just a taste, etc." I really enjoy weighing my food, and some times it's almost more than I can eat. I also love that Susan seems so sincere and authentic in her videos, and is not trying to profit from a broad range of products, foods, kits, etc. My only frustration at this point is that I have never been a cook, don't enjoy it, and I know that I am going to get bored of the same old items in my menus...I will need to push myself to find ways to spice things up without convenient bottled sauces, like teriyaki. Susan encourages people to journal, meditate, do a nightly checklist, read affirming things, etc. I journal but that's it, and for me, for now, that's enough. And I LOVE that her plan does NOT include an increase in exercise because YES....it takes enough focus to just change your eating habits, without having to add exercise to the mix. Hopefully that will come organically later when I have lost my goal of 40 pounds.
posted 13 August 2017, 15:10   *
I did the 14 day challenge in April 2017. I did not sign up for the boot camp due to the cost, but I have continued following the plan, and have lost over 20 pounds.. I follow the program pretty rigorously, with very few cheats. On the downside, it is somewhat difficult to eat out, as you have no control over how food is prepared, and portion measuring is often not possible. Positives - the whole plan is laid out in the videos to get you ready to start the challenge. They are also contained in her book. ( I got a free copy of the book when I did the challenge - that may have been timing, as I did it right around the time the book was released.) I think Susan is personable and is very supportive in the videos she posts. She's got quite a story, and her success really resonated with me. She is a scientist and she shares a lot of that background material, but it's in a way that's easy to understand. Following the challenge, I get her weekly video-blog posts, and those are also interesting and entertaining and usually contain helpful information. This plan has been the best and easiest to follow of any plan I've used to try to shed some pounds. It is helpful to me that there are bright lines (as in, not gray areas or fuzzy areas). You can easily tell if what you are eating is compliant or not. It does require a good bit of planning and preparation. One of the things she teaches is to make your food choices automatic by writing down tonight what you will eat tomorrow. And she says to make sure that your food choices are already in your fridge and pantry. The book goes into some other practices to help make your bright line eating successful, such as journaling. And her maintenance plan is explained in the book. She suggests that weight loss is pretty taxing on the body, and that exercise is not a good idea while you are losing weight, as it is an additional stress. This is one way in which I disagree with her advice. I exercised regularly before starting BLE, mostly as a means of stress relief, and have continued throughout my time following the plan. I think it would stress me out more to not exercise. From what I've read and seen, the big draw of the boot camp is an online support system with fellow boot campers and staff people. That's not something that appealed to me, or I might have found the $$ to do it. The challenge is $29, and I think it's well worth that price tag. At the end of it, you'll probably know whether or not the plan is for you.
posted 8 August 2017, 14:30   *
Did the 14 day challenge but that "Diet Companion' is still not out even though it is mentioned here and in the book and I thought the challenge a waste of money if you actually buy and read the book which is very affordable. I doubt I will spend the money on the boot camp. I did lose 11lbs the first 14 days and found the plan to be nutritionally good and it forces me to eat lots of vegetables. I made what I felt were some improvements to my own plan by removing some foods and pushing vegetables over to breakfast because I want that fiber the one time a day I eat grains. [limited to 4 oz whole grains]. I commented that the challenge would be good if it included any kind of support or was a "taste" of the bootcamp. All it did was give you daily videos that were gushing with 'high fives' and the like and parroted info in the book. If you like that kind of stuff maybe it will help you but to me, I find it rather shallow... My own experience with customer support was extremely limited to billing matters etc. That kind of weight loss is not phenomenal for starting any diet so the next few months will give a better review as far as I am concerned. I definitely think there are a lot of good ideas in the book and do plan to follow the program as written with the exception of my slight change to the meal plan.....hope we can come back and edit later....as 2 weeks is just getting started.
colin gladstone
posted 15 July 2017, 10:16   *
I have done the diet for over 3 weeks and have lost16 pounds. After 2 weeks I have binged twice and surprisingly on carbs not sugar or flour. I did the paleo diet some years ago and came off it as I was so weak. I think it is known as carb flu.. I am concerned that this is happening again. I am thinking of staying on the diet but increasing the cereal in the morning.
posted 21 June 2017, 21:27   *
I just started the 14 day challenge 4 days ago- armed with my old scale and a new copy of Susan's book. In my opinion this has a lot going on. I've lost a few pounds, am never hungry and am still reading her book a few chapters at a time. I may or may not join the boot camp; but I've got to say that I totally approve of this 14 day challenge. It has me thinking differently and the cravings are gone. That in itself is amazing.
Kathleen Puckett
posted 12 June 2017, 21:21   *
I did the 14-day challenge, in fact, today was my 14th day and I am considering the Bootcamp. I liked the 14-day challenge. I lost 8 pounds and I enjoyed the food. I can actually go to town now and not think about what junk food I want to stop and get because I have my food planned out from the night before. The price of the Bootcamp is the only thing holding me back, I will need to wait for payday. I am committed and ready to be in my right sized body, I was going to have gastric by-pass but our insurance would not cover it, so this eating plan is much less invasive. I believe this is what I need to do to get my weight off, but maybe it is not the plan for everyone. If you have been trying to lose weight and tried everything else why not try this too.
J Statham
posted 10 June 2017, 16:56   *
I have only been on it for 4 weeks but I love it! I've never lost weight this fast before and I'm actually feeling better (not as tired). I haven't been involved in the on line community, just bought the book and a food scale and got started! This is great and I hope others will give it a try.
Deborah Hope
posted 4 June 2017, 23:21   *
First, it appears that Dr. Thomson is a gifted, enthusiastic, apparently well-educated instructor. What she has to say rings true. My consistent challenge is with actually trying to subscribe to her program and the EXTREME non-responsiveness of the organization. I sent in my money, never heard back from them until well after the "Boot Camp" had started, and I had to request a refund due to the lack of organizational functionality. I then tried to attend the "Family Reunion." Once again, I was unable to join the online event due to lack of technical support for my difficulty in trying to attend the "Family Reunion" being held in San Diego starting today. I had invited two guests over who were interested in joining the boot camp with me and forming a "Mastermind" group. Again, I was unable to access my paid subscription. The so-called "Support" offered by Bright Line was an email request form that was supposed to solve a "real time" problem that needed to handle forthwith. I chalked it up to a possibly rapid growth problem the first time but the tremendous amount of time I have wasted trying to access the program is disturbing. Today happens to be my birthday. I limited my celebration to allow for attendance to this "once a year event." Not a good experience--AGAIN!
Sarah Hancock
posted 3 June 2017, 11:01   *
Absolutely love this program! I lost 17 lbs in 9 weeks and I've kept it off for almost 2 years. I have to work at it though--the planning never stops, but it's worth it for the "free" aspect of happy thin and free. The online community is key, and I'm in constant contact with about 6 members (from around the world) of my original group.