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Clean Gut Diet Review

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Short-term Weight Loss3.1
Long-term Weight Loss2.8
Nutritional completeness3.4
Ease of Use3

How the Clean Gut Diet Works

Dr. Alejandro Junger came up with the Clean Gut Diet in hopes of creating a diet that would help people who suffer from depression and IBS. The idea behind the Clean Gut Diet is that if people include more whole foods in their diets, it will help them feel better while also helping them lose some weight.

The key part of the Clean Gut Diet – called “phase one” in the book – is when dieters have a liquid meal for their first meal of the day, then eat two healthy solid meals to finish the day. After three weeks, the second and final phase begins when dieters are instructed how to eat healthier so they can maintain a clean gut.

The Clean Gut Diet is certainly a healthy diet to follow, but it has a very specific crowd. It may help some people lose weight, but it was not created with overweight people in mind.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Clean Gut Diet?

Those who can handle the early stages of the Clean Gut Diet will probably lose at least some weight in the first weeks. There is nothing special about this diet, though, as any diet that has people drastically reduce the amount of calories they eat will result in some weight loss.

As far as long-term weight loss goes, the Clean Gut Diet is pretty low on the long list of diets on the market right now. Not only is it extremely hard to follow through with the diet after the first phase has been completed, it may actually be bad for the body to stick to such a diet. Detoxifying diets can often lead to low energy levels and headaches, which means the Clean Gut Diet may actually do more harm than good for some people.

Level of Effort

There are a lot of pretty easy diets to follow right now, but the Clean Gut Diet definitely isn't one of the. It is very hard for people to go from eating what they want to only being able to have a liquid meal in the mornings. On top of that, dieters who want to go out with their friends and family to eat will have a tough time finding food that are included in the Clean Gut Diet book.

There isn't any type of workout program included with the Clean Gut Diet, so it will be up to the dieter to figure out what type of exercise plan to use. This can be frustrating and it just makes a difficult diet that much more difficult.


There isn't much to like about the Clean Gut Diet other than it being a pretty good guide for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. The book may be pretty inexpensive at just under $28, but it simply isn't worth it considering that it isn't going to help people lose more than a few pounds.

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