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Colorado Diet Review

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Ease of Use2.5

How the Colorado Diet Works

The makers of the Colorado Diet believe that if people do what Coloradans do, they will have a great chance of losing weight.

The main focus of the Colorado Diet is to increase dieters' metabolism in order to help them burn calories and lose weight quickly. This is done by sticking to a pretty specific diet and starting a regular workout routine.

On the surface, the Colorado Diet looks to be a diet for anyone looking to lose weight and get into shape. The fact is, though, that most people who are not used to working out regularly will find the workout routine too difficult to do. It is a great diet for the those who are already in decent shape, but everyone else will probably be overwhelmed by the amount of work that they will need to put in during their 12 weeks on the Colorado Diet.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Colorado Diet?

Anyone who can actually get through all 12 weeks of the Colorado Diet will lose some weight, unfortunately, most dieters simply cannot stick to such a limited food menu and add heavy workouts to their daily routine.

Dieters who do get through their three weeks on the Colorado Diet will probably have a hard time sticking to the diet after that time is up. The book recommends continuing with the workout plan, but chances are that the few who make it through the program will return to their old habits without the extended guidance of the diet plan. Chances are most of the weight that they lost will return since their daily caloric intake will increase.

Level of Effort

Many dieters are willing to try new foods to eat when going on a diet, but the exercise requirements of the Colorado Diet make this a very hard program to follow. Most people who need to lose more than just a few pounds want to be eased into their diet, but the Colorado Diet will have them immediately change their eating habits while also having them add a daily workout to their schedules. That is just too much change for most dieters.


The Colorado Diet may give people are pretty good chance of losing weight, it is simply too difficult for most first-time dieters to complete. It might have been a recommend diet plan if it was stretched out over six or eight months and had a more lenient workout regime, but, as it is, only people who are already in pretty good shape will want to give the Colorado Diet a shot.

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User Feedback
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posted 11 February 2017, 20:40   *
I chose this diet program after being informed of it by my doctor. It was a challenge the first week, but once I got through that, my cravings for carbs was gone. I lost 10 pounds in phase one ( 2 weeks) and in phase two I have lost an additional 4 pounds ( 3 weeks). My goal is to lose 11-13 more. The hardest part for me was trying to eat six times a day, and getting to 75 minutes of activity. I have noticed no side effects except I'm sleeping better! It is a bit restrictive when traveling/vacation, but I have managed so far! Overall, I'm especially pleased with the mindfulness emphasis as well.