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Dynamic Diet Review

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Ease of Use4.4

The Dynamic Diet is a recent and very promising weight loss system. It's a complete package including diet manual, nutritional education, fat burning recipes, weight loss supplement and lifetime support.

Meals focus on vegetables, lean protein, healthy complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and fruit. This lets you lose weight rapidly while eating nutritionally good foods.

How It Works

Contrary to other diet plans, the Dynamic Diet doesn’t overload you with calorie counting. Following the food guidelines  is enough in order to achieve the best possible results.

The manual of the Dynamic Diet includes detailed meal plans for every day, so you don’t have to worry about the menu and the food combinations. Even if you don’t like some kind of meal, you can exchange it with another of the allowable list. Unlike other diets, the Dynamic Diet allows consumption of fruits and generally provides adequate amounts of fibers avoiding constipation.

The Dynamic Diet is designed to work in 3 phases. It helps to maximize weight loss potential and to keep weight off for life.

Ignite phase follows a low calorie, low fat and low carbs diet plan for a minimum of 20 days. It aims at losing weight as quickly as possible, this phase also helps to clear sugar and toxins from the blood.

Dominate phase adds a few complex grains, more protein, and a few more calories. Higher calorie intake days alternates with calorie restriction days. It keeps your body from settling in to a routine and lets you keep losing weight without stalling.

Maintain phase is a way to keep the weight off, after you have lost the amount you desire. On this period you follow healthy meal plan during the week, but eat almost whatever you like during the weekends. Enjoying your favorite meals during the weekend is important for a dieter, because it gives pleasure and helps you avoid the feeling of deprivation, which is the most common reason of the withdrawal from the diets.

Weight Loss Supplement

The Dynamic Diet system includes the weight loss supplement. This supplement is only necessary in phase I - Ignite, because of the calorie and nutrient restriction. The Dynamic Slim supplement is all natural, hormone-free and includes 11 ingredients. Five of the ingredients are amino acids that prevent muscle loss and improve metabolism. In addition, the supplement includes herbal extracts to help you:

>Reduce cravings

>Boost your metabolism

>Balance hormones and help with absorption of nutrients

What About Exercise?

Exercise is not necessary for the Dynamic Diet, yet combined with a diet it will make you feel better and provide additional weight loss benefits. During Ignite phase you should only do light physical exercise such as yoga, brisk walking and light swimming. Cardiovascular and strength training are introduced in the Dominate phase. You can vary intensity, depending on your capacity.

Weight Loss Effectiveness

In general, eliminating processed foods, grains, sugar and salt will lead to weight loss. More protein and veggies do make you feel fuller and help control your hunger.

If you stick to the menu plan you will lose weight, it is very effective for most individuals. It even has good ideas to break through the weight loss plateaus. And it lets you achieve great results only with moderate calorie restriction in comparison to many other diet programs.

Safety of the Diet

The Dynamic Diet is appropriate for anyone, even athletes who want to maintain their muscle mass while losing fat. The amount and high quality of the provided calories combined with the Dynamic Slim supplement are adequate to ensure that there is no nutrient deficiency. Pregnant, lactating women and minors should avoid the Dynamic Diet, because of its low calorie composition.

Level of Effort

It does take some effort, time and commitment to plan ahead for each week.  Dynamic Diet provides detailed meal plans to guide you every step of the way. The information and menu are laid out with easy to follow instructions. Recipes are in the manual and on the website. Allow some prep time in the kitchen, about 15-20 minutes for meals.

The customer support for the Dynamic Diet is more than satisfying and helpful in order to achieve your goals. Food addiction, sugar cravings and emotional eating are issues not just due to a lack of willpower. Dynamic Diet's customer support system helps you understand how these issues can happen and give you ways to deal with them. It even provides individual advice and customized meal plans if you face any difficulties losing weight.


To sum up, the Dynamic Diet seems to be a well-promising approach to weight-loss. The variety and quality of allowable foods provide all the necessary nutrients for a healthy diet, making the Dynamic Diet a safe diet. Cost of the diet is a one-time fee only, no recurring payments or subscriptions. No extra cost for monthly prepared food. Instead of buying prepackaged foods, you are learning how to fix healthy food for yourself, a beneficial lifestyle habit. For sure it is aimed at dedicated people, but the results are very satisfying. If you are a person who has tried many diets unsuccessfully, you will be greatly pleased with results and available guidance. If you really want to lose weight for good and stay healthy, this diet may be the best way to do it.

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User Feedback
33 comments / 79% approval
posted 2 October 2017, 08:00   *
The fact that the book uses the exact same colour scheme as this website might show a bit bias opinions if you ask me. if the make the book then they going to put it at the top of thier list
Michelle Wilson
posted 19 August 2017, 17:30   *
I just started on this 2weeks ago so I'm still navigating my way however, I am not impressed with their "help" any time...I had a question on how to get away from sweets a week ago and so far have not heard from anyone. Guess you're on your own in that area32vcea
posted 26 March 2017, 10:57   *
i haven't done this diet, but like all other diets I wonder how safe they are for diabetic, I never see anything about chanding the recipes to fit the diabetic needs, sugars, carbos, etc. can you help me understand better? please send me your emails
posted 26 December 2016, 11:57   *
I have been on this diet several times and had great results.This plan is the easiest I have done. I've been a yo-yo dieter my whole life and tried most all of the plans. The first week is the roughest but after that it is easy. Last time I have been on it (for 16 weeks) have not cheated once....lost 65lbs . Yes it is expensive but it does work if your mind is made up to lose weight.
posted 9 December 2016, 13:49   *
I bought the program this summer. I have yet to start. I really need some motivation. Any takes on what to do to get motivated. It's taking up space in my night table.
posted 8 August 2016, 19:50   *
This diet worked for me very well. I lost 15 pounds in the first 14 days. Over 2 months I lost 35 pounds. I am 5'7" and started at 200lb and after 2 months was 165lb. I liked that I was able to eat regularly throughout the day and I also liked the recipes they provide on their website for each phase of the diet. Also keep in mind I lost this without 1 day of exercise.
posted 28 July 2016, 17:03   *
great diet. I have tried everything and I lost 40 lbs. on this diet. It is amazing!!
posted 12 June 2016, 16:54   *
The plan is going very well! I was surprised! I have lost 12.2 pounds and this is my 14th day. It is encouraging to see the pounds fall off. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to lose a lot or a little weight.
posted 9 March 2016, 19:28   *
I am a 58 year old woman who has struggled with my weight my entire life. I started the Dynamic Diet program on November 11th 2015. To this date I have lost 45.5 pounds. In the beginning I struggled. I was hungry all the time. after the first ,couple of weeks, I wasn't hungry anymore. I was eating only fresh and clean food. No refined sugar or flour . And now it's second nature. Even when I go to a restaurant, it's easy for me to find something that works on the program. I have completed phase 1 and 2. Im now back to phase 1 because I still have about 15 lbs to lose.
posted 5 March 2016, 13:42   *
I cannot say I dislike the diet totally because what I have come away from it with is that I am now weighing myself daily, keeping a journal of my food and water, drinking enough water, and keeping track of healthy only recipes. I have followed this diet for 28 days TODAY, and I have ONLY lost 10lbs and 4oz. I have had better results in the past with good eating habits and EXERCISE which the Dynamic DIet discourages while you are on the PHASE 1 Ignite Phase. The weight loss I have is typical of what I might have lost on a normal program without paying for an expensive program using Dynamic Slim Dietary supplement. Their program says: The real heart and soul of Dynamic Diet is its quick and easy approach to weight loss. You'll be thinner in days instead of months. I think that this is no different than the "slow and steady" path, and I think the slow and steady path is MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE.
S Wolf
posted 2 January 2016, 10:15   *
I began the Dynamic Diet in August of 2015. I was ready to get back to a healthy weight and after doing my research this diet seemed to be a good choice. I followed phase 1 strictly for a month and dropped 25 pounds. I continued on to Phase 2 and lost and additional 8 pounds. I have stepped back because I experienced such rapid weight loss I wanted to firm up before I pushed harder to lose the last 15-20 and reach my goal weight. I started out at 173 ( down to 140-143) and hope to get to 125-130 by spring. I recommend this diet to anyone, and have sold at least 5 family members and friends on trying it. The best part is how great you feel when you cut all of the sugar and processed foods out of your diet. Highly recommend for anyone looking to make a healthy life change!
R. Jones
posted 27 December 2015, 11:42   *
When I first went on the dynamic diet I lost 45 LBS. Since then I have been on my own maintenance program and cheat on the weekends. After a weekend of pigging out I gain from 3-5 pounds and lose it in the next 2-3 days by going back on it and the weight gain is gone...I love this diet
Beth Ann
posted 13 December 2015, 11:45   *
Let me be specific. I don't like this diet, but it works. I was able to lose the weight I wanted to on this diet, but it wasn't easy... you do plateau after losing 20-25 pounds and it takes time and effort to break trough and continue to lose weight.
posted 29 September 2015, 19:53   *
My dynamic diet package just arrived today and I am very excited. I’m hoping to lose 25 pounds by new year. I’ll keep in touch.
T .R
posted 16 August 2015, 12:22   *
If you follow it exactly, you will lose weight. This is what I believe and what had happened to me. I followed it strictly for 1 month and lost 17 pounds, but i started to cheat here and there and the weight loss stalled. I think all the diets work if you have enough willpower to stay on the track.
posted 12 August 2015, 21:39   *
I have been on the diet for two weeks tomorrow and have lost 11 pounds ,with an initial goal of 45-50 pounds. program has really great info and tips, but what i really like is simple, easy to follow meal plans.
posted 29 June 2015, 18:20   *
No option for world wide shipping, only Canada and US .....
Iris Finn
posted 26 June 2015, 18:08   *
I started the dynamic diet Program February 4, 2015. In the first three months I lost 34lbs! I went on two vacations and other summer events which included lots of desserts and alcohol, but was able to say no. I walked during my rapid weight loss and stayed true to the diet plan. I took a little break from the diet. The reason I decided to wait to lose my last 10 lbs is my clothes were all too big and had to save up to buy new wardrobe! Also, at my age I lost so quickly I wanted to firm up more before continuing to lose weight. To maintain my weight I weigh in once a week. If I have gained any weight I cut my calories from 2000 back to 1200-1400. This diet has changed my life. I feel happier and more energetic! I highly recommend this diet to anyone wanting a healthier life.
posted 23 June 2015, 18:19   *
posted 30 March 2015, 18:15   *
The educational part of the book was an eye opener for me.
posted 26 March 2015, 16:31   *
I started the dynamic diet program last Thursday, weighing in at 198lbs. This morning I am happy to say that I am now down to 190lbs. The hardest part so far is my body detoxing the sugar, unbeneficial processed foods, and other toxins from my body. I would recommend this program to everyone I know
Jenessa K.
posted 21 January 2015, 09:06   *
I went to dynamic diet website, chose the package and received a massage "out of supply"...
posted 27 December 2014, 23:08   *
Dynamic diet has great customer reviews for a reason. It works because it permanently changes your attitude and behavior towards food and healthy living. Remember folks, the weight didn’t come on overnight and so it can’t possibly come off overnight.
posted 27 December 2014, 22:45   *
Does anyone know if I can just get the supplement without the rest of the program? I think my diet is fine, I just need to boost the fat-burn.
posted 27 December 2014, 06:43   *
Is there a trial offer?
posted 25 December 2014, 23:43   *
I began Dynamic diet over two weeks ago and have already lost 7 pounds. I haven’t felt really hungry but craved for sweets a bit. It’s been amazing so far!
posted 25 December 2014, 09:57   *
Just ordered dynamic diet , hope it works my weight now is 195lbs....wish me luck!
posted 25 December 2014, 09:43   *
Is this product only for women or it has similar results for man too? I can see lots of reviews from the women on the web.
posted 25 December 2014, 03:10   *
My friend recommended this diet, can't wait to try it out
posted 24 December 2014, 04:05   *
I'm writing because I'm concerned about GMOs in the food supply and I'm not sure this supplement GMO and hormone-free. Anyone?
posted 24 December 2014, 03:21   *
Anybody has tried this diet???
posted 18 December 2014, 11:45   *
Can this product be shipped outside US? Please tell.
posted 15 December 2014, 09:59   *