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Go Cleanse Diet Review

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Short-term Weight Loss3.6
Long-term Weight Loss3.5
Nutritional completeness3.9
Ease of Use3.6

How the Go Cleanse Diet Works

The makers of the Go Cleanse Diet say that by taking the company's supplements, dieters will be able to lose weight by the pill's ability to cleanse the colon properly. They say that people can stick to eating most of the foods that they are used to eating and the supplements will break down the foods in a way that helps people shed pounds easily.

There are a lot of issues with the Go Cleanse Diet, the main one being that there is no scientific proof that it can actually help people lose weight. The other problem is that there really isn't much information about the product outside of what is found on their website.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Go Cleanse Diet?

There isn't an easy way to answer if the Go Cleanse Diet helps people lose weight because there simply isn't enough information out there about the company or its product. While people may lose weight while on this diet, chances are it is because they are eating healthier foods and taking in fewer calories rather than it having anything to do with the supplements.

Like with other not-so-great diets, the Go Cleanse Diet doesn't have a recommended exercises routine for dieters to follow, so it is up to them to come up with their own workout routine. By not including any type of exercise regimen, the company seems to claim that their pills will do most of the work for dieters, which simply can't be true.

Level of Effort

According to the company's website, the all people have to do when using the Go Cleanse Diet is take one or two supplements a day to help them lose weight in a healthy way. That sounds easy enough, but the truth is that dieters have to put in a lot more work if they want to lose more than a pound or two. The fact that people need to come up with their own new eating and workout routines means that they need to put in a lot more effort with the Go Cleanse Diet than they would with complete diet programs.


It is hard to like anything about the Go Cleanse Diet because there is no proof that their product works, and it is no more than a bottle of pills. They'd get some credit if they had any type of food menu or workout program for people to follow, but they don't even have that.

On top of being a very limited diet, the Go Cleanse Diet is also quite expensive and not affordable for the typical dieter. One bottle of supplements runs just over $50, and people will continue to have to spend $50 for as long as that use the product.

On the overall, there just isn't much to like about the Go Cleanse Diet. There are plenty of better, more affordable diets out there right now.

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posted 5 July 2016, 10:10   *
I just bought go Cleanse from Amazon and wanted to know how to use it no instructions can anyone give me a website or instructions on how to use their product?