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Iaso Tea Diet Review

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Short-term Weight Loss2.6
Long-term Weight Loss2.2
Nutritional completeness2.4
Ease of Use3.8

How the Iaso Tea Diet Works

Created for males and females of all ages, the Iaso Tea Diet is a weight loss program that was designed to help shed pounds and detoxify their bodies simply by using a natural tea mix three times per day. Developed by Dr. Bill Miller and produced by Total Life Changes, the Iaso Tea Diet – a mix of ginger, malva, thistle and other natural herbs – is said to promote weight loss by giving dieters more energy and suppressing their appetites.

The Iaso Tea Diet may seem like a great product since it is so healthy, but there actually is no proof that this mixture can help people lose weight. Early indications show that while there have been no negative side effects associated with this product, people are simply not losing any weight while using it.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Iaso Tea Diet?

Dieters may be able to lose weight while on the Iaso Tea Diet, but it would be hard to say if the product itself had anything to do with that weight loss. For example, a dieter may start to work out and eat healthier meals after starting the Iaso Tea Diet, and at that point most of their weight loss success would be attributed to those changes rather than the tea itself.

There is nothing that shows that the ingredients in the Iaso Tea Diet even have short term weight loss effects, so it is hard to believe that it is a long-term answer. A few of the ingredients are included in other weight loss supplements, but they are not the primary ingredients in those products.

Level of Effort

If dieters want any chance of losing weight while on the Iaso Tea Diet, then they will have to put in a lot of effort. The product itself is easy enough to use since all dieters have to do is put the mixture in a glass of water three times a day, but every other part of the weight loss process comes down to what dieters do when they are not drinking the solution.

The only real way to lose weight on the Iaso Tea Diet is to find another weight loss program to use alongside of it. This means finding a fully developed food menu to use every day while also finding a complete workout program to use. Dieters would be better off finding an all-encompassing diet.


It is great that the Iaso Tea Diet mixture is made of all natural herbs, but that does not make it a good weight loss aid. In fact, this product seems to be nothing more than a mix of herbs that might be good for the body. Considering that people are asked to pay upwards of $30 per month to use the Iaso Tea Diet mixture, it is hard to see this as anything but a very bad deal for dieters.

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