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Military Diet Review

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Short-term Weight Loss2
Long-term Weight Loss1.6
Nutritional completeness3
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How the Military Diet Works

The Military Diet is a three-day program that is designed to help people lose weight quickly simply by following the included meal plan. There are many books that have been written over the years that cover the Military Diet, but they all come with similar meal plans for people to use.

The maximum amount of calories that people are allowed to consume each day on the Military Diet is 1,500. That alone is a big red flag because it shows that the diet was not designed to be a long term solution. At best, it was designed to get people prepared for a more long-term diet, but even that makes the program itself pretty pointless.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Military Diet?

There is a very good chance that people will be able to lose weight on the Military Diet in the short term since they will be taking in far fewer calories than they are used to. Of course, that does not mean that they will have long term success. It is very unhealthy to stick with a 1,500-calroie-per-day diet like the Military Diet, so dieters’ only chance of keeping the weight off is if they find another weight loss program to use after the three days are up.

Level of Effort

Any diet program that forces people to eat very specific meals is going to be very tough to get through, which is certainly the case with the Military Diet. Diets are pretty much always going to make people feel very restricted in their choices, but the Military Diet is about as restrictive as they get as far as meal plans go. You can only eat the meals that the program allows you to, which means that you can’t go out to eat and you need to prepare every meal that you eat.

While the Military Diet does recommend that people work out, there isn’t one workout program for everyone to follow. This makes a tough diet even tougher since it means that dieters will have to go and find the best workout program for them to compliment the meal plan.


No matter how much the Military Diet books are being sold for, this is not a weight loss solution for anyone who needs to find a long-term program. It certainly makes sense for some military members who need to lose weight quickly, but most dieters want to find a weight loss plan that will help them lose weight and keep it off permanently. The Military Diet simply was not designed with the common dieter in mind, which is why the common dieter should look for a better weight loss solution.

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User Feedback
3 comments / 67% approval
posted 1 November 2016, 21:33   *
I really like the diet. I am overweight, so I lost 10 lbs the first week and went off it for a week (while eating lowfat) and lost another 20 pounds after going back on it. I am going to keep doing this to see what happens...oh, and my tummy is getting smaller. I am 67 and a diabetic so I hope I can stay with it for the long haul.
posted 5 October 2016, 19:18   *
If you want this diet to work you need to actually join the military :)))
posted 5 October 2016, 17:43   *
I really liked this diet - I lost 5 pounds in 3 days. I pretty much followed the diet to a tea. I am going to try it again next week.