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Paleo Diet Review

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Short-term Weight Loss4
Long-term Weight Loss3.5
Nutritional completeness2.8
Ease of Use2.5

How the Paleo Diet Works

The Paleo Diet is a relatively new weight loss plan that relies on extremely old eating habits in an attempt to help people shed pounds. This nutritional plan is based on the presumption that our ancestors, living during the Paleolithic era—a period of time from 10,000 to 2.5 million years ago—were nourished primarily by animal foods. According the basic theory behind Paleo dieting, as a result of  of evolution, we are now genetically adapted to eat what the hunter-gatherers ate.

The key ingredients of the Paleo Diet are fish, meat and just about anything that comes from the earth - fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. There are some guides that come along with this diet, but it is mostly left up to the individual to figure out how much they should be eating while sticking to the accepted foods.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Paleo Diet?

Some people will lose weight while on the Paleo Diet, but those who overeat will still have a pretty tough time. Even those who don't go overboard with their calorie intake will have a hard time losing weight long term since high protein diets are known for only having short term effects.

Those dieters who do have good results in the first couple of weeks on the Paleo Diet will have to find their own workout plan to maximize their results. This diet does recommend exercising, but they don't give any specific tips or workouts to help people out. Many dieters will assume that they can just stick to the accepted foods and see results, but that will only lead to disappointment down the road.

Level of Effort

As far as understanding the Paleo Diet goes, it couldn't be easier for both experienced dieters and those who are trying to lose weight for the first time. They can easily look up what they can eat and drink, and then avoid all of the other products.

What makes this a difficult diet to get through is that it takes a lot of willpower. Because you are restricted greatly in what you can and can’t eat your urges will be kicking in full force. It might sound great to say you can eat all the steak and chicken your body can handle, but that can get old in a hurry and leave you with the urge to have a sugary treat that is simply not allowed.


By nature, part of the Paleo Diet is based on saturated fats, cholesterol, and acidic proteins from animal foods. Respected researchers find that those modern-day hunter-gatherer populations who base their diets on meat, such as the Eskimos, suffer from heart disease and other forms of atherosclerosis, and those modern-day hunter-gatherers who base their diets on plant foods (starches) are free of these diseases. In an attempt to defend eating animals, Paleo teachers believe the harmful nutrients from these foods are counteracted by the addition of non-starchy fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

It is hard to recommend the Paleo Diet. Diets that work involve a reduction in your calorie intake and an increase in your body's energy output without being unhealthy or dangerous.  

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User Feedback
12 comments / 56% approval
posted 17 November 2016, 19:58   *
I've been on it for a week. Basically I'm staying away from sugar-all sugar, bread, pasta, etc. I did cheat minimally (I had sugar in my coffee today) because I'm really going to get down after thanksgiving. I ran out of bread and haven't replaced it. Eating meat, vegetables and a little bit of fruit. Following plan for the most part. I am female, diabetic, 75 years old. My sugar has been spiking and hovering around 200. Was close to 300. I've been doing my version (info a bit of dairy slice of cheese in omelet in th am, and maybe milk with turmeric & ginger at night. My sugar is now hovering around 140. It was 119 after breakfast. SO ITS GREAT FOR DIABETICS
posted 21 January 2016, 16:36   *
The cavemen didn't die young only because of the diet they ate, maybe they died while hunting their prey, but also from a variety of other factors, even greater than the food consumed. Infections, accidents and other factors that could be treated today. Can imagine being a caveman and breaking a leg and either getting an infection or not being able to run from an animal that is after you? You need to approach the Paleo diet with reasonable moderation, opting for lean meats and fish. It sounds like a good reasonable diet, especially when it suggests staying away from refined sugar and dairy products! I'll try it!
posted 21 December 2015, 19:06   *
I used the Paleo diet as a way to kickstart my "I'm turning 50" and let's do this! I wasn't terribly overweight, (5'8, 160 lbs) mostly out of shape and not motivated to workout as I live on the 4th floor of a Brownstone and already live and work in NYC, so I'm tired! I stuck to the diet pretty much to the letter and lost 15 solid pounds in the first 2-3 weeks. I'm sure a lot was water weight but darn I felt great and looked even better after week 4.
Marty P
posted 15 December 2015, 12:23   *
I use Paleo as a way to eat "clean", in other words get as close to the food as possible without human hands intervening, (i.e adding hormones or processing), that is key to nutrition and a healthy Life from my perspective. I haven't been exercising because of a busy life style, but have seen a dramatic reduction in overall body fat. I am very religious about not eating bread or dairy products but take some liberties around the other foods to keep myself sane. Do the right thing most of the time is my motto!
posted 13 October 2015, 19:42   *
Paleo diet is stupid... "If the cavemen didn't eat it, you shouldn't either," wtf is that? Those people 10 000 years ago just tried to survive and ate all kinda of crap, and usually died very young. Why would you follow diet based on this insanity?
posted 13 October 2015, 13:28   *
This is the best diet I was ever on. I lost 9.6 lbs. in the first week! I gained a lot of strength at the gym as well and never was tired! This rocks hard core.
posted 27 September 2015, 16:43   *
I did the paleo diet for a total of ten days. Seeing as I am still living with my parents it is very difficult to do this considering I don't supply the food or the meals. However, I felt amazing and lost weight. The hardest part was avoiding things like peanuts and dark chocolate. I would exercise 6 to 7 days a week. I would very much recommend this to anyone who can do it.
Sindy Wr.
posted 26 July 2015, 07:55   *
While there is merit to the general idea behind eating like a caveman, many of the extreme ideas behind paleo diet have been called into question by recent research. For example, the suggestion that a protein calorie is not equal to a carbohydrate calorie has not been verified by real world studies. But the real failure of the paleo diet is clear in its ridiculous portrayal of a vegetarian diet: yogurt and carbs. In this "case study", the person is portrayed as weak and sick because of their avoidance of meat....Total BS... there are elite athletes who thrive on a vegetarian diet. It's a weak argument at best.
posted 24 July 2015, 18:18   *
experts say that there’s no clear-cut proof that Paleo will cause you to lose weight. Is this true?
Noebridge Vi
posted 2 July 2015, 21:11   *
More and more evidence suggest people depended on PLANT FOODS way more than Animal foods. Animals were consumed only in time of great famine; it was by necessity, not by choice. If fat & protein from animals made you so strong and healthy, how come we see Americans and Asians getting fatter and sickers as we adopt more meat & dairy into diet? And how come, while ancient koreans lived healthy lives with small amounts of meat, the younger generations of Koreans and Japanese are getting sicker and fatter.
posted 24 December 2014, 02:26   *
So you eat only salad, meat and nuts?
posted 13 December 2014, 14:29   *