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Rosemary Conley Diet Review

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Short-term Weight Loss2.8
Long-term Weight Loss2.8
Nutritional completeness3.5
Ease of Use3.1

How the Rosemary Conley Diet Works

The Rosemary Conley Diet, also currently known as the "Amazing Inch Loss Plan,” is a weight loss plan aimed at helping people learn how to eat healthier and exercise properly. Conley has been a helping people lose weight in England since the 1970’s, and this newest diet is a combination of all of her health programs that she created over the years.

The key to the Rosemary Conley Diet is being able to stick to a strict calorie count and do the exercises outlined in the book. Unlike many of the other diets that are coming out right now, the Rosemary Conley Diet seems to be aimed at people who need to lose one to five pounds rather than focusing on those who need to lose a lot of weight.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Rosemary Conley Diet?

Dieters could have good results early on while using the Rosemary Conley Diet since they will only be consuming about 1,200 calories per day in the first stage of the program. However, after that it will be up to the dieter to be able to count their calories in order to keep the weight off. This approach will help people who only need to lose a couple of pounds, but those who need to lose more will struggle.

Level of Effort

Many people who are new to dieting will struggle with the Rosemary Conley Diet since they will need to cut down to 1,200 calories per day. For many dieters, that is a reduction of 50 percent or more in what they are used to consuming, which is a lot to take on in the early stages of a diet.

Something else that makes the Rosemary Conley Diet a tough one to get through is its workout plan. It is good that the program has included exercises in the book, but people who are not used to working out may find that four 20 minute exercises per day is pretty overwhelming. This program would probably have a higher success rate if it eased people into the workouts rather than throwing it all at them at once.


While there are plenty of good ideas in the Rosemary Conley Diet books, it simply is not a good weight loss program for the typical dieter. It seems to be aimed at a very specific woman – one who needs to lose 1-5 pounds – so most people will see this as nothing more than a book full of weight loss tips. At just under $14, the Rosemary Conley Diet would be an excellent deal if it could help a wider audience, but dieters would be better off spending a few more dollars on a more proven program.

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