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Shred: The Revolutionary Diet Review

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Short-term Weight Loss3.6
Long-term Weight Loss3.6
Nutritional completeness4
Ease of Use3.8

How the Shred: The Revolutionary Diet Works

Dr. Ian K. Smith developed the diet by creating a food menu that “confuses” the body, therefore not allowing the metabolism to slow down. Dieters are even allowed to eat six or seven meals per day on this low-glycemic diet.

The Shred: The Revolutionary Diet was designed for people who have had a hard time keeping weight off on other diet programs, which means that those who are just starting out dieting might have some issues with this weight loss program. It also requires people to make wholesale changes to their daily lives, so many people who give the Shred: The Revolutionary Diet a chance will not last very long on it.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Shred: The Revolutionary Diet?

Dieters have a pretty good chance of losing weight early on while using the Shred: The Revolutionary Diet because they will be consuming far fewer calories than they are used to consuming. There is no proof that people's metabolisms actually get “confused” on this diet, so the calorie reduction is the only real effect.

Even though the Shred: The Revolutionary Diet is said to only last six weeks, people will need to continue using it (or something similar) if they want to lose more weight. Otherwise, chances are they are just going to put all of that weight back on.

There is also no exercise plan attached to the Shred: The Revolutionary Diet, so dieters will have to figure one out on their own. They may be able to lose a couple of pounds by following what's in the book, but their only chance of losing a lot of weight is adding some sort of workout plan.

Level of Effort

The fact that the Shred: The Revolutionary Diet has people switching up their eating habits on a weekly basis means that this is going to be a tough diet to get through for most dieters. Most people want to stick with their new eating habits, so this one may be too confusing and difficult to stick to.


There are plenty of good tips in the Shred: the Revolutionary Diet book, but most dieters simply won't want to make as many changes to their regular lifestyles as the book asks them to do. It also is an unproven diet, so all of that work that dieters have to put in may be for nothing. There are plenty of other dieting programs out there today that don't ask as much of people and come with a complete workout program to go along with the diet.

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