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Slim4Life Diet Review

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Slim4Life diet program started in 1979, claiming to be a holistic approach to lasting weight loss. This clinic-based diet involves one-to-one interaction with a program advisor or counselor at a Slim4Life Weight Loss Center who would assess you and your weight loss goals first and then customize the meals and exercise program accordingly. These Weight Loss Centers, first started in Kansas City in 1998, have a presence in only a few cities in Kansas, Florida, Texas and Missouri. This makes the diet location-specific. However, the company now offers consultations over the telephone.

 How the Slim4Life Diet Works

It is a calorie restricted diet, allowing no more than a total of 1500 kcal per day. The actual permissible calories may vary since the dietary program is personalized by the counselor.  

On a typical day you are allowed to consume:

  • 2 servings of protein, each serving being 4-6oz. of meat/fish/poultry/egg
  • 4 servings of vegetables, each serving consisting of either 1 cup raw vegetables or ½ cup cooked vegetables
  • 2 servings of fruit before 6PM., each serving a small apple or similar
  • 2 servings of carbs – each serving is 1 slice bread/1/4 cup rice or equivalent
  • 1 serving of fat which is just 1 tsp of oil/margarine; butter not allowed
  • No sugars, only 2 packets of sugar substitutes
  • Up to ½ tsp Morton’s Lite salt

Is exercise involved?

Slim4life does not have a specific exercise program, but the counselors may recommend some workouts according to your needs and ability. However, many clients complain that the program does not give adequate importance to exercise, so they don’t get a well toned body as they lose weight.

Nutritional profile

The diet emphasizes the importance of natural proteins and whole foods like fresh vegetables and fruits. Almost all animal protein sources are included, so dieters wouldn’t have any difficulty in following their own personal preferences. The recommended quantity of vegetables and fruits may provide all the vitamins and minerals dieters require, however, supplements are often prescribed to avoid any nutritional deficiencies.
A positive aspect of the diet is that it restricts all types of sugars as well as carbohydrates from grains. This helps avoid sugar spikes and related metabolic problems. The diet is in favor of using non-caloric sugar substitutes to satisfy your sweet tooth, and use the same in their products despite their questionable safety profile.
A major concern with the Slim4Life diet is the minimal amount of fats allowed. Fats are high-calorie foods, but it is necessary for building up the cell membranes and for metabolic activities. The nervous system, consisting of the brain and the nerves place a high demand on fatty acids; the myelin sheath covering the nerves is almost entirely made up of fats. Very low-fat diets may jeopardize the absorption and mobilization of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. Deficiency of these important vitamins can put your health at risk, especially if the diet is followed long-term.  

The Cost Factor

Many people get attracted by the advertisements that offer “30 pounds off for $30.” But the program is much more expensive than it appears at first sight. The diet advisors are not very forthcoming about the expense involved or the details of the diet until you make the commitment. Although the first consultation is complimentary, there’s a fee of over $200 for joining, and once you sign on, there are weekly assessments to keep track of your progress, which are also chargeable. It should be noted that the program gives no guarantees or offer any refunds.

The diet recommends a number of dietary aids in pill, powder and liquid form. While all of them are not a necessary part of the diet, a few are strongly recommended by the counselors. For instance, a combination called Manager Pack consists of a Metabolizer and Lipo Cell fat burner in capsule form, a Multivitamin and a Sugar blocker herbal supplement in tablet form. You get discounts when you buy in bulk, but a month’s supply of this combination alone comes at over $200.

In addition to the above dietary aids, the diet company has several beverages, bars, and smoothies to allay hunger and keep you satisfied. However, none of these come cheap; their Thermo meal costs nearly $30, and if you use it a few times a week, it can add up to quite a lot.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Slim4Life Diet?

Dieters who strictly adhere to the diet may initially lose weight, especially if they are severely overweight or obese, which is to be expected with any 1,500 kcal diet. Cutting out sugar and reducing starchy foods also helps with weight loss. The company does not offer any scientific explanation for the dietary aids it promotes. Whether these supplements have any effect on weight loss is debatable.

Most users seem to discontinue the diet sooner or later, partly because of the high cost of maintenance and partly because they get tired of the highly restrictive diet. When the diet is abandoned, the lost weight is gained back pretty quickly as well.

Level of Effort

The diet involves a moderate amount of effort to follow. It is evident from many dieters’ comments such as “I always go back to this diet when I want to lose a few pounds in a hurry.” It actually means that people find it difficult to go steady on it, so they go on and off. From a medical point of view, this kind of yo-yo dieting is considered even more dangerous than carrying around a few extra pounds.


The Slim4Life diet works in the short term, and you may rapidly lose more than a few pounds initially. Periodic assessments and counseling helps people to be more accountable and committed, but the downside is that they often fail to become independent with regard to planning their own diets, which is essential if it is to become a part of lifestyle.

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User Feedback
5 comments / 75% approval
posted 30 August 2017, 17:49   *
I just went in for my consultation and the weight counselor got a phone call while he was suppose to be helping me. It was someone who was asking about the program. He forgot I was there or I became invisible and was ignored. They already have my money so no big deal right! They also seem to have a high turnover of counselors.
Jacklyn Crisp
posted 13 July 2017, 18:26   *
Another great tidbit..... my A1C is down to 5.3 and my doctor has decreased or removed a couple medications I was on for years. Come on give it a try.
Jacklyn Crisp
posted 13 July 2017, 18:22   *
I have lost 61.5 lbs. and 5 pant sizes since June 2016. They offer 4 different programs and the counselors help you with nutrition facts. I think this is one of the best programs out there and I would recommend it to any one who wants to lose the weight. I am smaller now than I was when I was 18!!! I go to the Alta Mire Location in Fort Worth. On the program I am on, I have proteins 3 times a day, 3 servings of fruit, 4 or more veggies and 3 starches per day. It can be done and there is a lot of food involved. I eat more now than I did prior to starting the program. Check them out and see for yourself. I think you will have a pleasant surprise.
posted 15 November 2016, 20:11   *
I go to the Lake Worth location in Texas. The ladies have been extremely supportive of me. My daughter is achieving her goals as well and the enthusiasm we receive is amazing. We have lost around 60 lbs between the two of us. We are not finished yet but with the positive support we have, we are confident in our results.
posted 4 November 2016, 10:40   *
This is my second go at Slim4Life. The first try was interrupted by my Father's failing health and ultimate demise. I received a letter to come back and get all my unused weeks for free. So I did. I chose not to buy their supplements and pills. I have been on Slim4Life for a solid 3 weeks and have lost 8.2 lbs and gained 7.1 so all this hard work has netted me a 1.1 lb weight loss. I am being told if I am not using their products that could be the reason my weight keeps going up and down. I have no faith in their program at this point and only see it as a way to get me to buy their product in order to lose weight. They dangle that carrot in my face each time I go in.They also take my blood pressure every time. I stop and get my pressure taken prior to going and when I get there they always tell me it is high. I had the counselor redo it and it was the same as what it was when I checked. Another thing she tried to tell me if I took supplements the BP would come down.