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Subway Diet Review

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Short-term Weight Loss2.6
Long-term Weight Loss2.2
Nutritional completeness2
Ease of Use3.5

How the Subway Diet Works

The Subway Diet is a weight loss plan that uses Subway restaurant’s subs to help dieters lose weight. While there is no official Subway Diet, many people have watched Jared Fogle (the “Subway Guy”) on the company’s commercials for years and have attempted to recreate his diet. The basic weight loss plan includes two six-inch, low fat subs per day and daily walks.

Jared Fogle may have lost weight with the help of the Subway Diet, but that does not make it a legitimate weight loss plan that everyone will have success on. In fact, Fogle just happens to be a guy who liked the restaurant and also happened to lose weight. There is absolutely no scientific proof right now that shows the Subway Diet is an effective way for the common dieter to shed pounds.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Subway Diet?

There is a chance that people will lose weight on the Subway Diet, but that is only if they are willing to go to Subway twice a day and only order from their low calorie menu. Even then, it is hard to know how much weight they can lose since the diet also allows people to eat other meals and snacks.

People do have to do daily walks while on the Subway Diet, but that also does not guarantee them long-term weight loss success. Many dieters don’t have the time to do daily walks, but even if they do, there is a chance that the food they eat during the day will keep them from losing more than a few pounds.

Level of Effort

The Subway Diet does seem to be an easy one to get through on the surface, but the truth is that it is not an easy weight loss program to stick to. That is because Subway only has a limited amount of sandwiches that are considered low in fat and calories. This means that dieters’ only chance of using the Subway Diet for an extended period of time is if they are willing to eat from a very limited menu. Most people are used to a lot of variety, so chances are they are not going to be okay with the same food over and over again.


Not only is there no proof that the Subway Diet will help people lose weight, it is also very expensive. At the very minimum, dieters would have to spend close to $10 per day on the Subway sandwiches and drinks, which adds up very quickly. That is a lot of money to spend considering that there are only so many low fat sandwiches to choose from. The Subway Diet is one to avoid since there are so many better, more proven weight loss systems out there.

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