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The Efactor Diet Review

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Short-term Weight Loss2.6
Long-term Weight Loss2.5
Nutritional completeness2.9
Ease of Use2.7

How the E-factor Diet Works

The E-factor Diet is a collection of weight loss guides that aims to help people lose weight by giving unique advice for their particular weight loss needs. The e-book collection includes a guide for buying grocers and a meal planner, which are meant to be quick tip sheets for when dieters need to know what food to buy and when to eat it.

What the makers of the E-factor Diet claim to be their main selling point is their list of foods in the e-books. Rather than sticking to low fat or low carb foods, they instead advise people to eat foods that give them more energy and avoid foods that are high in histamine. These are okay tips for short-term diets, but neither tip has proven to be a good long-term answer to people’s weight problems.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the E-factor Diet?

By simply eating the foods that in the E-factor Diet guide book, there is a chance that people could lose a little bit of weight in the short term. The fact is, though, that long-term success is almost impossible unless dieters find another weight loss program to combine with the E-factor Diet. At that point, it would be hard to give the e-books too much credit.

Since the E-factor Diet focuses on avoiding histamine, it seems to want to be a short-term fix rather than a long-term solution. Histamine can temporarily make people look a little bloated, but it is not something that can cause people to gain weight. In essence, the company is telling people to avoid foods with histamine just to sidestep that temporary bloat. A lot of those foods are considered to be healthy, so that is actually some bad dieting advice for multiple reasons.

Level of Effort

Since there are no clear dieting instructions included in the E-factor Diet, it will be hard for most people to understand how to begin the program. The truth is that since this is not a complete diet, dieters will have to do most of the work on their own if they want any chance of losing more than a few pounds. They will learn a little bit more about foods that will give them additional energy, but they will not know how to plan out their meals or how to burn off the calories they consume.


It is hard to see the E-factor Diet as anything more than a quick tip sheet since it doesn’t have a focused dieting model. It wouldn’t be a bad e-book collection to own if someone wanted some extra motivation while dieting, but since it is very expensive at over $215, it is hard to recommend it. As a quick reference guide, the E-factor Diet is an okay book, but it simply is not a complete diet program.

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