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The Peanut Butter Diet Review

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Short-term Weight Loss3.4
Long-term Weight Loss3.1
Nutritional completeness3.7
Ease of Use3.9

How The Peanut Butter Diet Works

Holly McCord created The Peanut Butter Diet in hopes of helping people lose weight without having to give up some of their favorite foods. As the title of the book implies, dieters are able to eat peanut butter every day while mixing in healthy meals and snacks. McCord promises dieters that they can continue to lose weight as long as they stick to the calorie restrictions and stick to her meal plans.

People are often drawn to diets like The Peanut Butter Diet because they don't seem as restrictive as others on the market, but these weight loss plans often lack elements that people need if they want to lose more than just a few pounds. There are sample food menus in the book, but there isn't enough variation to work with different tastes. It also barely mentions exercise, which most people know by now is essential in losing weight.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on The Peanut Butter Diet?

Because women are limited to 1,500 calories per day and men are limited to 2,200 calories, The Peanut Butter Diet should help people to lose weight in the short term. This has very little to do with the book, though. Any diet that has people take in that many calories will help them lose a pound or two. The small percentage of people who will benefit from The Peanut Butter Diet over those other similar diets are the ones who specifically want peanut butter to be included in their diets.

The Peanut Butter Diet isn't a great long-term weight loss plan because it has no exercise plan attached to it. People could choose to find another exercise regimen to work with this diet, but the diet itself wouldn't deserve any credit for that.

Level of Effort

The Peanut Butter Diet asks people to cut a lot of calories out of their diets, so it can be pretty tough for people who are new to dieting. The menus in the book are also a bit misleading, as only a small amount of peanut butter is allowed per day. The rest of the meals force dieters to substitute low calorie foods for the types of food that they are used to eating.


Diets like The Peanut Butter Diet are good diets for those who are new to dieting or just want to lose a few pounds. However, it isn't a complete weight loss plan, so the majority of people who want to find a real solution to their weight problems will want to find a better option than this. Considering that the book does little more than have people count calories, even the relatively low $15 price tag is too expensive for people who are serious about losing weight.

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