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The Quantum Wellness Diet Review

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Short-term Weight Loss3.4
Long-term Weight Loss3.3
Nutritional completeness4.1
Ease of Use3.6

How The Quantum Wellness Diet Works

Author Kathy Freston created The Quantum Wellness Diet to help people slowly learn how to live healthier lives and lose weight in the process. During the 21-day diet, dieters are instructed to stop consuming meats, caffeine, alcohol and other items to quickly rejuvenate the body. The Quantum Wellness Diet wasn't designed with weight loss in mind, but Freston does point out that it is a welcomed benefit for overweight dieters.

There are plenty of healthy tips in The Quantum Wellness Diet, but it is important for people who need to lose weight to realize that it simply wasn't designed to help people lose more than a few pounds. It lacks any type of long-term workout plan and the diet itself is only done for 21 days at a time.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on The Quantum Wellness Diet?

Dieters who stick to the restrictive food menu in The Quantum Wellness Diet book will probably lose a little bit of weight in the first three weeks. This is because they will be cutting out most of the foods that have a lot of calories, which should see them trim down at least a pound or two in the short term.

Since The Quantum Wellness Diet only lasts three weeks and lacks a full exercise plan, long-term weight loss is going to be very hard to achieve. Most dieters who do the three-week “detox” will go back to their old habits once the 21 days are up, so they will simply gain all of the weight back that they lost.

Level of Effort

The Quantum Wellness Diet is by no means impossible to achieve, but many dieters will find that they can't cut out all of the foods that they are supposed to when following this diet. Some may be able to go three weeks without eating meat, but they may find it a lot harder to give up soda and other sugary products. This is what's known as a lifestyle-changing diet, which only a small percentage of dieters will be able to stick with for more than a week or two.

The Quantum Wellness Diet book does recommend about a half-hour's worth of exercise three days per week, but there are no specific exercises for dieters to use. This means that they are left on their own to figure out which workouts will work best for them, which can be difficult for those who are new to exercising.


There is nothing wrong with shelling out the $25 for The Quantum Wellness Diet book, but dieters who need to lose 10 or more pounds will need to find a different diet program if they want to lose that weight. This is a very difficult diet to complete, so it could be a waste of time and energy for anyone who needs an all-encompassing weight loss program.

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