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Thrive Patch Review

2.10 1 2 3 4 5
Short-term Weight Loss2
Long-term Weight Loss1.5
Nutritional completeness1.6
Ease of Use4

How the Thrive Patch Works

Created by “lifestyle” company Le-Vel, the Thrive Patch aims to help people lose weight and improve their mental state through the use of a skin patch. The company claims that the patch – which contains green coffee bean, white willow bark, coQ10 and other ingredients – will make people feel better and help them lose weight quicker.

The Thrive Patch looks pretty amazing on paper since dieters are not asked to make any major changes in their lives, but that is also a major red flag. Just about all of the ingredients in this product are used in other weight loss plans, but the Thrive Patch just gets absorbed in the body in a different way.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Thrive Patch?

Since there is absolutely no proof right now that the Thrive Patch works, it seems like the only way people can lose weight while using it is if they make major changes in their lives. Of course, if dieters decide to work out and eat properly while on the Thrive Patch, it would be hard to give the product itself any of the credit.

A few of the ingredients in the Thrive Patch may give users a slightly heightened energy level, but chances are it would only be a short term effect. There is nothing that shows that this patch was designed to be a long term weight loss answer, so it is hard to imagine anyone losing a lot of weight with the Thrive Patch alone.

Level of Effort

If dieters decide to use the Thrive Patch, then they will have to put in a lot of extra effort in if they want to lose weight. The product itself is easy enough to use, but since there is no proof that it helps people lose weight, dieters will have to find another diet program to use with it. That pretty much puts them back at step one of the process, which can be both difficult and frustrating. It also makes the Thrive Patch pretty pointless since the only possible benefits they would be getting from it would be for things having nothing to do with weight loss.


For $50, the Thrive Patch is simply not worth taking a chance on since there is no proof that it works and there are no legitimate testimonials claiming that it works. It would be nice if there were a patch that contained ingredients that helped people lose weight, but that it just not the case with the Thrive Patch. Le-Vel is a pretty popular company in the weight loss industry, but in this case it seems like they are just using their popularity to get people to buy a poor product.

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User Feedback
2 comments / 100% approval
posted 28 January 2018, 19:47   *
Its got something in is not right do your research Made me feel like a I was not there or not normal. There is something in this that is not right.. Felt like crap
posted 6 September 2017, 20:09   *
I tried the Thrive patch for 30 days that was given to me by a distributor to try. Yes it does work for increased and sustained energy throughout the day. It also works for appetite, I don't get hungry until my stomach actually growls. I am on my last patch and yes I will purchase this product. I like it because you stick it on your body after you shower and you don't have to take 14 supplements a day. All vitamins are in the patch. It works for me!