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TLC Diet Review

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Short-term Weight Loss4.1
Long-term Weight Loss4.2
Nutritional completeness4.8
Ease of Use3.9

How the TLC Diet Works

The TLC Diet is a six-week weight loss program that was created to help people lose weight by vastly reducing the amount of cholesterol that they consume. What makes it different than other weight loss plans is that it mostly focuses on fat intake rather than taking everything out of one's diet. If the program is used correctly, the company promises that people will see a lot of weight loss by the end of the six weeks.

All that people have to know when they start the TLC Diet is how many calories they usually consume and how many they think they can handle while on the diet. After that, they will be told exactly what types of food they should be eating and will be able to track their progress through the company's website or app. The main goal of this diet is to keep saturated fats below 10 percent of all calories consumed.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the TLC Diet?

Even though many of the people who use the TLC Diet are using it solely so they can lower the amount of cholesterol that they take in, it actually works very well as a full-on weight loss plan, too. The fact that the goal is to both lower cholesterol and the amount of calories people consume means that they will naturally lose weight without having to make too many other changes in their lives.

The TLC Diet will work best when combined with some type of exercise plan, which is why it is a bit of a shame that the company hasn't yet provided its customers with a list of exercises to use. Of course, it isn't too difficult to find a couple of exercises to use alongside this diet, but most people prefer to have all of their weight loss information in the same place.

Level of Effort

Most weight loss programs that have people track their calories are pretty frustrating to use, but the TLC Diet makes it pretty easy on their customers by having multiple tools to use to make tracking a simpler process. It may be a bit difficult at first for people to be able to know how much cholesterol is in each food item, but this is something that most dieters will get used to in the first week or two.


The TLC Diet isn't a complete weight loss plan by any means, but it certainly can help people lose weight if they stick to the rules of the program. When combined with a very good workout program, the TLC Diet can be a very effective plan since dieters will know exactly what is going into their bodies.

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User Feedback
5 comments / 60% approval
posted 6 October 2017, 10:36   *
I use a few TLC products and have lost lots of weight and inches. I also lowered my blood pressure and A1C. I will and have recommended these products. I have just started selling the products not for just weight loss. I want my family and friends to take their health back.
posted 20 September 2017, 19:12   *
This is MLM Market America's products. I tried it between 2014 and 2015 but it didn't work for me. It's not cheap. I didn't lose my weight and I believe I am among 25% of the people who can't benefit from the product. I won't refer it to my friends.
posted 25 December 2014, 23:49   *
TLC helped me a lot to lower my cholesterol.
posted 24 December 2014, 01:14   *
posted 13 December 2014, 14:23   *