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Vegetarian Diet Review

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Short-term Weight Loss3
Long-term Weight Loss2.6
Nutritional completeness3.7
Ease of Use2.4

How the Vegetarian Diet Works

The Vegetarian Diet is a weight loss system that has people take meat out of their diets and replace it with vegetables, fruits and whole grains. The theory is that this will drastically lower people's daily caloric intake, which will lead to weight loss. The diet does not come with an exercise plan, though people are recommended to do some type of daily exercise.

There are multiple variations of the Vegetarian Diet that dieters can choose from. Some of those options focus on eggs and dairy, while others will have dieters cut out eggs and add in more dairy.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Vegetarian Diet?

If someone goes from being a meat eater to following the Vegetarian Diet to the letter, chances are they will see some weight loss early on in the program. However, since this is a diet that takes something that people enjoy away from them permanently, it is the type of diet that has a very high failure rate. Most people will not be able to handle the cravings they get no matter how much weight they are losing.

Exercise is a bit different with the Vegetarian Diet than it is with other diets. People can exercise while they are on this diet, but they have to keep in mind that without meat and other food items that usually provide energy, they have to keep it to a minimum. This limits the amount of weight that people can lose.

Level of Effort                           

No matter how much willpower dieters have, the Vegetarian Diet is going to be a very challenging weight loss system to get through. Not only are they going to have to drastically cut down on the amount of calories they consume, they will also be giving up meat altogether. They may be able to get through a couple of weeks since they will be very focused on losing weight, but it will be very difficult not to cheat or completely give up on the diet after that.

What makes the Vegetarian Diet even more difficult is all of the meal planning that dieters have to do. Not only do they have to change their shopping routine, they also have to make sure that meals that they buy in restaurants adhere to the rules of the diet. That can be very frustrating and is another reason why this diet has such a low success rate.


Not only is the Vegetarian Diet a hard one to get through, it could also be an unhealthy way to lose weight. Meat is an essential part of the human diet, so cutting them out completely means that the body is going to be deprived of what it needs. While some weight loss is possible early on in the Vegetarian Diet, it just doesn't seem worth it for the negative effects it can have on the mind and body.

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posted 3 January 2017, 15:32   *
this article is not factual at all as many people successfully follow a strict vegetarian diet for an entire lifetime as see no adverse effects as this article states in its "Conclusion" area. suggesting that following a vegetarian diet has negative effects on the mind and body is simple ignorance