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Walk Away the Pounds Diet Review

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Ease of Use2.9

How the Walk Away the Pounds Diet Works

The Walk Away the Pounds Diet is a set of DVDs that help people lose weight by performing different walking exercises around their homes. It is considered one of the simpler diets on the market since there are no food restrictions and dieters can choose whether they want to walk one to three miles per day in the comfort of their homes.

As a beginner's diet, the Walk Away the Pounds Diet is a pretty good way for people to get used to the idea of losing weight, but that's about as far as this program can go. It doesn't have any type of food menu attached to it, and people are limited to the amount of calories they can burn. This is why it is seen more as a short-term diet rather than a complete weight loss plan.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Walk Away the Pounds Diet?

The amount of weight that someone can lose on the Walk Away the Pounds Diet totally depends on how much walking they are actually doing while watching the DVDs. Those who have never done any type of exercising should see some short term weight loss since it will be the first time that they have burned off any calories. That weight loss will come slowly, though, since walking doesn't burn too many calories on its own.

The fact that the Walk Away the Pounds Diet doesn't come with any eating tips means that long-term weight loss is doubtful. If dieters decide to stick with their old eating habits while doing the walking exercises, chances are they will see little to no weight loss. Even with healthier eating habits, walking does little to increase the rate at which people lose weight.

Level of Effort

Since the Walk Away the Pounds Diet is meant for beginners, just about anyone can pop in the DVDs and figure out the exercise routines in no time. On top of that, the workouts were designed to be done in the home, so the developers have have made it as simple as possible for people to get started.

The downside of the Walk Away the Pounds Diet is that it gives people hope, yet it lacks so many of the things people need to achieve real weight loss. Dieters are left on their own to come up with a complete food menu, which is extremely difficult for anyone who is new to dieting.


At $20 per DVD set, the Walk Away the Pounds Diet is pretty expensive considering that it is meant for beginners and won't help people who need to lose a lot of weight. It is a great idea for anyone who needs extra motivation to take that all-important first step into dieting, but it simply isn't enough for people who want to lose more than a pound or two and get in shape.

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