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Warrior Diet Review

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Short-term Weight Loss2
Long-term Weight Loss1.9
Nutritional completeness3
Ease of Use3.1

How the Warrior Diet Works

Developed by fitness expert Ori Hofmekler, the Warrior Diet is a weight loss program that attempts to help people lose weight by eating the way warriors used to. The main idea behind the diet is that if people are able to eat as few calories as possible during the day and overeat at night, they will be able to trick their bodies into burning fat more effectively.

The Warrior Diet may be a “new” dieting idea, but that does not make it a good one. In fact, there is no proof that this type of diet is even safe, so people are actually taking more risk than one if they plan to attempt this program.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Warrior Diet?

Some people will have some luck with the Warrior Diet and lose a few pounds, while others will not. Either way, depriving yourself of food is never a good way to approach dieting. Not only will dieters potentially harm their bodies by doing this, it also ups their chances of “cheating” on the diet, making it completely pointless.

Even if people are able to lose weight while on the Warrior Diet, it wasn’t even developed to be a long term weight loss solution. That means that all of the weight that was lost early on will surely come back unless dieters are able to find another diet to follow right after they quit the Warrior Diet.

Level of Effort

Any diet that has people go many hours with just a little bit of food will definitely be a hard weight loss program to get through, which is certainly the case with the Warrior Diet. Most dieters are used to eating three full meals per day, so asking them to cut that down to one is asking a lot.

The Warrior Diet does come with its own exercise program, but it is not the type of program that most people need. The reason for this is that the exercises are mostly advanced, so just about all dieters who are new to working out will have a tough time getting through them. Unlike most fully developed diet systems, the Warrior Diet does not ease people into the workout portion of the diet, which makes it useless for most dieters.


There is absolutely no reason to spend $20 on the Warrior Diet book since there is no proof that it is a good, safe way to approach weight loss. Ori Hofmekler might have good intentions with his diet book, but that does mean that he fully understands how bodies work. All signs point toward the Warrior Diet being one to avoid, so that is probably what dieters should do.

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User Feedback
3 comments / 100% approval
posted 25 January 2018, 10:55   *
For the record, I've not read the book, I discovered this plan through personal research, trial and error on my own and just so happens that there's a label for it. Let's clarify things, this is not a "diet", it is a lifestyle plan. It's been close to a year since I started this type Intermittent Fasting (IF) habit and has worked wonders for me, I'm on my late 30s and I'm leaner now than in my early 20s when I was in the Army. I'm a 5'11" guy who went from a hefty 210 lbs. to shredded 160 lbs. in about 10 months. This plan is not for the faint of heart or the weak mind, it requires a level of effort and discipline if you really want to make a positive change in your life. The whole point of this plan is to condition your body to use stored fat as energy throughout the day by eating little or nothing for at least 18 hours (water, tea and coffee allowed) and have a solid meal at dinner (dessert included), this helps regulate your insulin levels and keeps you steadily energized during the day due to your body is going into Ketosis after your glycogen (sugar) is depleted from your muscles and liver. Now, for your meal it is recommended to eat whole foods and clean, but I don't usually do, I eat whatever I want, anything is fair game and I mean ANYTHING, there's no calorie counting, carb counting, fat counting, points counting, none of that non-sense, that's why I love it because it is a simple and straight forward plan. Funny fact, I had my yearly physical last month and my doctor was so impressed with my results that he asked me for exercise and eating habits tips, so there you go. But let me be honest here for you, the reader of my comment, if you're thinking about considering this lifestyle change let me say this: Is this plan simple? Yes. Is it easy? No! (at the beginning it's hard but you'll get used to it, I guarantee you). Is it worth it? Absolutely YES!. but first get to know your body and talk to your doctor if you have any medical conditions or illnesses that may prevent you to follow this lifestyle.
posted 10 January 2018, 13:07   *
I just started the Warrior Diet a week ago, and it has actually helped me to feel more alert throughout the day, and I have been sleeping better at night. Before the Warrior Diet, I actually had issues sleeping earlier than 12 AM, and would only get 4-5 1/2 hours of sleep. Now I don't have that problem after 1 week of being on this diet.
Lynne Lucas
posted 10 July 2017, 20:12   *
Love the diet/ way of eating. It has made me even more aware of what I'm eating. It's easy. I had had to srtretch out eating window because I was losing too mouch weight. I gave more time to do other things and never feel weak.