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Weight Watchers Review

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How the Weight Watchers Diet Works

Created back in 1963, the Weight Watchers Diet is an assortment of weight loss products and guides designed to help both men and women lose weight. Over the years, this diet has become one of the most popular diets in the world thanks to the many celebrities who have used it and the high success rate of the program.

The main idea behind the Weight Watchers Diet is quite simple: keep your calorie count down while eat healthy foods and weight loss will come naturally. What makes this program different is that they attach point count for every food item that people eat and dieters will have an easier time keeping track of how many calories they are consuming. Each dieter will have a different point maximum based on their six, age, weight and other attributes.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Weight Watchers Diet?

Since the Weight Watchers Diet is a well balanced diet that restricts the amount of calories that people consume, there is a very good chance that the majority of dieters who use it will see some weight loss. Unlike a lot of other diets that make big claims, there have been many studies done on the Weight Watchers Diet and they have all come back with positive results.

Dieters will also be rewarded for exercising while on the Weight Watchers Diet. Depending on the type of exercises they do, they will be able to eat one or two extra snacks on those days since they will be burning even more calories. This incentive program seems to work since many people who start out on the program by simply reducing their calorie counts will end up doing some type of exercise later on. The company hasn't created unique workout programs for people of different experience levels yet, but they do have a complete list of workouts that they can look at for reference.

Level of Effort

There aren't too many diets that are easier to get through than the Weight Watchers Diet. People can continue to eat most of what they have always enjoyed while using the company's tools to make sure they don't go over their calorie count. They also have hundreds of great weight loss guides for their customers to keep them motivated along the way.


The Weight Watchers Diet doesn't make huge claims that many other weight programs do, but their realistic claim of about two pounds lost per week seems to work for the majority of their customers. This makes it the perfect diet for people who want to be able to lose a lot of weight, but don't want to be overwhelmed by the rules of dieting. The Weight Watchers Diet is a healthy weight loss plan for people of all shapes and sizes.

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User Feedback
18 comments / 80% approval
posted 5 April 2018, 11:06   *
I know it works for some but not for me! I found I was CONSTANTLY thinking about food - all day....what to eat, what not to eat! It becomes obsessive. If you read some of the comments...many of the WW users gain the weight back. Now, I don't think "diet" anymore...I think less or no sugar, more veges, no junk snacks, fruit not fruit juice, lean protein and fish.
posted 6 February 2018, 03:17   *
I love WW. I often joke if I were a celebrity I wld beg to endorse WW. I lost approx 20 lbs for my 10 yr HS reunion and then 25 about 10 yrs later. I wld have kept it off but I gave up the plan. It’s soooo easy. I LOVE WW. The tools are great but it’s not a diet. I cld eat anything anytime. I got to choose BBQ today and so go easy the rest of the week. Or Japanese steak Friday night so make really good choices all week. And I wld this just maintain... I was still losing! Even eating Japanese Steak house every once in a awhile. I didn’t eat here that often anyway so it was no big deal to limit that kind of food regularly. Bottomline.. it works!
Anne M Cotter
posted 27 October 2017, 00:30   *
I don't expect this comment will get your approval, but here is my honest opinion: I did very well on the turnaround plan and maintained my goal weight for about 5 years. It worked beautifully for me. Then the plan changed, points changed and I had a really hard time getting all the daily recommended foods in without going over my point value. I was hungry all the time. I told the leaders about it, but all they had to say was - eat more protein. There were no more points to use, So after a year of always being hungry I quit the plan. I am no longer hungry all the time, but I am also over my goal weight. I understand that in order for your company to make money, you need to change the tools so more items are sold, but it would really be wonderful if a customer could do any of your plans, and not be stuck with the current one.
vickie carpenter
posted 23 October 2017, 12:48   *
I joined ww in the 1970s and lost 100 lbs in 8 months. I never felt deprived, and that was when we had to eat 5 fish meals a week. I now am a diabetic, and my numbers are stable as long as I follow the plan. it is a lifestyle, and its something you can do for life. also the meetings were a big help, wish I could find one here in our new city.. To sum up, this has been a wonderful way of life for me and my family.
posted 23 September 2017, 18:48   *
I successfully lost 70lbs on Weight Watchers. It is a bit costly to go get weighed in and attend the meetings I liked it when they had deals but avoasscand save money. The one thing I have noticed since Oprah took over she changed the plan and I don't like it as much. On weight watchers you could eat whatever you wanted you just had to count your points. With the new plan things that I used to eat had more points which made the journey harder for me. I get they want us to eat higher protein and less sugar but being realistic practically everyone who is over weight is because of bad choices and high sugar or fat diet. I just feel they should access their members see what has worked or will work and plan accordingly. The lifestyle change would work better if we had more options of what had previously worked.
posted 3 August 2017, 13:29   *
I became a weight watchers particpant 30 years ago when I was in my forties. I enjoyed attending the meetings where I learned some great tips about losing weight and keeping weight off. I started exercising and continue even today. I often joke about writing a weight loss book but no one will publish it as it only has too pages: Eat less and exercise more. WW teaches how to eat better. I still have my booklets. When I feel that I'm putting on a bit of weight, and it does happen, I pull out my WW guides, get on program and drop the pounds. One of the things I always remember from WW is that " you did not wake up one morning 20 lbs overweight so don't expect to lose the 20 lbs overnight." WW is a realistic plan. Weight Watchers takes a bit of work but then anything worthwhile does.
posted 2 April 2017, 02:36   *
WW has been a great plan for me. The best thing is, it's NOT a diet. No restricting certain food groups or items. No counting calories or grams of fat or carbs. Yes, you easily counting points...which is super easy on the phone app. This is a lifestyle change. That is key to not gaining back. You can't deprive yourself or you won't keep it off longterm. Try it out. But be careful...IT WORKS!!!
posted 21 December 2016, 13:45   *
I love W.W been their and went to their meetings but doing it alone now because of money funds $$$, and so I try and talk to others who are on it on line . and I have lost 40 lbs. in 6 months. its the best ever.
posted 12 June 2016, 20:24   *
I love WW! I lost 70 lbs & have kept it off for over a year. The plan was very easy for me & it truly has become a new lifestyle for me. I am so thankful, it has changed my life!!!
posted 10 April 2016, 22:08   *
Love it!!!! I eat a variety of foods...earn 7 extra points after I go for a run... I have lost 19lbs in 6 weeks..I track my points on my iPhone, scan foods in the grocery store with my phone and get the point value..nobody at work even knows I am on it.. I pack soup, sandwiches, yogurt, fruit, all in my lunch.. Normal foods..
posted 25 January 2016, 06:44   *
I have tried weight watchers 4 times and have never lost more than 20 lbs on it. I am not sure why, but calorie counting alone just doesn't work for me.
posted 29 December 2015, 11:53   *
To missy: obviously you haven't tried the program because you don't count calories. How can you give a bad review if you haven't tried it. You do have a daily points allowance but have quite a few extra points to use each week. Also you can earn extra points from exercising. I personally do not know anyone that has tried this program and not lost weight. As far as craving foods, you can eat anything you want on this lifestyle change. It teaches you about portion control and to be accountable for what you eat. Of course it don't work if you don't do what you are supposed to, but then you are only cheating yourself. It works.
posted 30 March 2015, 18:19   *
Lane Damore, you always crave for food "more" when you starting any diet:)
posted 24 January 2015, 21:55   *
I joined Weight Watchers in 1999 and lost 25 pounds. I continue going to meetings weekly as a free lifetime member, having successfully kept the weight off all these years. I also have two daughters who are free lifetime members, one lost 40 lbs and the other lost 50 lbs. We've all been successful in maintaining our new weight. Best program out there for healthy eating!
posted 25 December 2014, 23:52   *
Well, calorie counting helped me lose 15lbs in 2.5 months. Trust me it works.
posted 24 December 2014, 01:04   *
calorie counting doesn't work for me
posted 13 December 2014, 14:19   *
Lane Damore
posted 13 December 2014, 14:18   *
To tell you the truth i crave for foods even more when on weightwatchers