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Amberen Review

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Short-term Weight Loss3.7
Long-term Weight Loss3.1
Nutritional completeness3.2
Ease of Use4

How the Amberen Works

The Amberen is aimed at women going through menopause, but it is also thought to help them lose weight thanks to NovoSlim, a fiber that is used in the supplement. There is a 30-day supply and costs right around $50 per month.

Because the ingredients in the Amberen are more commonly used by women trying to lessen the effects of menopause, it has a much lower user base than other weight loss plans. It's also a fiber-based diet, which has never been one of the more popular ways to lose more than a pound or two. However, it is a healthy supplement because is doesn't include any stimulants or caffeine.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Amberen?

If the people who use Amberen don't overeat and allow the fiber in the supplement to do its job in the stomach, then there is a chance that they can lose weight. Of course, chances are it will take a long time to lose a significant amount weight because there is nothing in the supplement that reduces hunger or burns fat like many of the other supplements on the market.

One of the other downsides of using the Amberen is that it is simply a pill rather than a full-fledged diet system. There aren't any meal suggestions or exercise plans to follow, so it is up to the dieter to figure out what he or she should be eating to shed the pounds.

Level of Effort

Like any of the other supplemental diets out there, the Amberen is as simple as taking a pill and then waiting for it to do its job. While that is easy enough, people who want to lose more than a pound or two will have to put in a lot of effort on their own after they have taken the pill.

There is a good chance that dieters who use the Amberen will feel fuller than they would without taking the pills, but how long they actually have that effect is different from person to person. The pills in no way will dictate what people are hungry for, so dieters using the Amberen will need to come up with a healthy food list on their own.


Considering that the Amberen is meant for menopausal women, it is hard to recommend it to people who want a legit weight loss plan. On top of that, it is a pretty expensive bottle of pills and, like most fiber diets, was not created to help dieters lose more than a few pounds.

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