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Cellucor Super HD Review

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Short-term Weight Loss3.2
Long-term Weight Loss3.1
Nutritional completeness2.6
Ease of Use4

How the Cellucor Super HD Works

GNC has been promoting the Cellucor Super HD in recent years as one of its top weight loss aids. They say that the product can help people lose weight and gain energy simultaneously. The supplement is said to target fat in people's bodies while also acting as an appetite suppressant. The company does suggest that users eat healthy and work out while using the Cellucor Super HD, but they also say that it can help those who aren't already dieting.

The Cellucor Super HD may be popular, but that seems to have more to do with a large marketing budget than anything else. The fact is that “fat burning” supplements have a very minor impact on people's ability to lose weight, and this is certainly the case with the Cellucor Super HD. On top of that, it also uses a laxative as one of its main ingredients, which can result in bad side effects without actually aiding in weight loss in the long term.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Cellucor Super HD?

The Cellucor Super HD may be able to help people lose some weight in the first couple of weeks, but most of that weight will be water weight, which is the quickest to come back later on. Dieters will have a higher chance of losing weight if they use another weight loss product alongside this one, but then it would be hard to know how much credit should be given to the supplements, if they deserve any at all.

Level of Effort

For a dietary product, the Cellucor Super HD is actually a pretty confusing supplement to follow since people are expected to take a different amount of capsules throughout the diet. Dieters also have to drink a lot of water while on this weight loss program, which is just another thing that they will have to fit into their schedules.

On top being pretty confusing, many dieters' bodies won't agree with the ingredients inside of the Cellucor Super HD capsules, which can result in some unwanted side effects. Considering that people usually don't lose more than a pound or two on this supplement, it just won't be worth it to them to have to deal with diarrhea throughout the process.


There are very few things to like about the Cellucor Super HD, so people would be better off saving their $70 and finding a more complete weight loss way to use. Even if someone is just looking for a supplement to use alongside another diet, it would be better to choose a more proven product that doesn't come with the potential of nasty side effects.

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