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Dexatrim Review

2.90 1 2 3 4 5
Short-term Weight Loss2.4
Long-term Weight Loss2.1
Nutritional completeness3.5
Ease of Use4.3

How the Dexatrim Works

The Dexatrim has been one of the most popular dietary supplements for years because of its promise to help people lose weight by suppressing their appetites. The company used to only sell one supplement, but they now have a collection of products aimed at helping people lose weight. All dieters have to do is follow their regular weight loss plans, add in the company's supplements, and watch as the weight falls off.

The problem with the Dexatrim is simple: How are people supposed to know if the supplement is actually helping them lose weight? Since dieters are expected to find a diet and exercise plan to use alongside the Dexatrim, it is very hard to know if this product is helping them lose more weight or if they would have lost the same amount of weight without the supplements.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Dexatrim?

The Dexatrim may be able to help people lose weight on its own in the short term since it is supposed to work as an appetite suppressant. However, long-term weight loss is very doubtful since the body will adjust over time and people could end up going back to their old, bad habits.

The only chance for people to lose more than a few pounds on the Dexatrim is if they are able to find a good, complete diet to use. Since there have been no public studies done to show how much, if any, additional weight is lost thanks to the supplements, the majority of the credit for the weight loss would have to go to the other diet plans that people use.

Level of Effort

The Dexatrim is one of the easiest weight loss supplement to use since all people have to do is take the pills with water every day. As is the case with most dietary supplements, though, actually losing weight takes a lot more effort than traditional weight loss plans. Dieters have to come up with their own food menus and workout regimens, and that means that many people will have to learn by trial and error which programs work best for them. The Dexatrim would earn a lot more praise from their customers if they pointed them toward a proven weight loss program to use alongside their products.


As a dietary supplement, the Dexatrim is still up there with the most popular weight loss products on the market today, but that doesn't mean it is for everyone. People who have been dieting for a long time may find some use in these supplements, but anyone who is new to dieting would be better off finding a product that includes some sort of food menu and exercise plan.

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