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Xenadrine Review

2.60 1 2 3 4 5
Short-term Weight Loss2.6
Long-term Weight Loss2.4
Nutritional completeness2.8
Ease of Use3.6

How the Xenadrine Works

The company claims that the ingredients that they use have been tested and have shown to aid in weight loss unlike any other weight loss product on the market.

At its high point, the Xenadrine used Ephedra to aid in weight loss, but that ingredient has now been banned for over a decade. There isn't any proof out there that the new supplements are as effective as those that used Ephedra, so right now it seems like the company is hoping that the popularity of its name will help them continue to sell their products.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Xenadrine?

There have been some testimonials that have said that the Xenadrine have helped them lose weight, but it is hard to know just how legitimate those claims are. The fact is that just about anyone who has said that this supplement has helped them shed pounds has also been on a more complete diet while using the supplement. That is why it is very difficult to know just how effective this product is.

As is the case with most other diet supplements, there is a pretty low chance of losing weight if using the Xenadrine alone. If people don't make other changes to their lifestyles, they simply won't be able to lose more than a pound or two on this supplement. It is hard to blame the company for implying that their product works on its own, but common sense should tell people that it is a waste of money to use a supplement without also changing their eating and exercise habits.

Level of Effort

The Xenadrine capsules are to be taken every day a half an hour before meals. That part is very simple, but losing weight is a lot more tricky on this supplement than on traditional diet programs. Since the pills will have very little effect on weight loss on their own, it is left up to the dieter to find another, more complete weight loss program to help them lose weight.


The Xenadrine is pretty inexpensive at $20 per month, but at this point it seems like a waste of money unless dieters are already working out and eating healthy foods. Even if they are doing that, there is no proof that this supplement will help speed up the weight loss. Until this product is proven to work, dieters should spend their money on more tried and true weight loss aids.

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