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Rockin' Body Workout Review

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Short-term Weight Loss3.6
Long-term Weight Loss3.7
Nutritional completeness3.9
Ease of Use3

How the Rockin' Body Workout Works

Produced by workout giant Beach Body, the Rockin' Body is a collection of workout DVDs and nutritional tips made to help people lose weight and get in shape.

As is the case with all products sold by Beach Body and similar companies, the Rockin' Body will only work for people who are able to get through all of the routines. This is nearly impossible for people who are more than a few pounds overweight because it will take them a lot of time to be able to do that much strenuous exercise.

Do People Lose Weight on the Rockin' Body Workout?

Early on in the process, dieters should be able to lose some weight when using the Rockin' Body Workout simply because they are taking in fewer calories and burning a lot of them off for the first time. They probably won't lose as much as the company claims, but they should see some weight loss in the first couple of weeks.

The Rockin' Body Workout isn't seen as a long-term weight loss solution since it is very difficult for most people to get through. The exercises continue to get more difficult as the weeks go by, so many dieters will stick to the easier routines.

The Rockin' Body Workout also only comes with a nutritional guide and not a full meal plan, so dieters are left on their own to come up with a healthy food menu to compliment the workout routines. People usually prefer to have a more complete weight loss plan rather than just eating or workout tips.

Level of Effort

As far as understanding how the Rockin' Body Workout works goes, dieters should have an easy time following what the instructors are saying on each of the DVDs. That's about all that is easy about this system, though. The common dieter will have a hard time getting through any of the workouts since the instructors are in shape and make each exercise look a lot easier than it actually is. This will result in more people giving up than actually sticking with the program.


The Rockin' Body Workout is a good exercise program, but it isn't for beginners, which most dieters are. The cost is quite cheap for a full DVD collection at $20, but only people who know that they can get through the workouts should take a chance on it. Everyone else should look for a more complete diet that will ease them into the process of losing weight.

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