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Jenny Craig Diet Review

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Short-term Weight Loss3.5
Long-term Weight Loss3.6
Nutritional completeness4
Ease of Use3.6

How the Jenny Craig Diet Works

Since the early 1980's, the Jenny Craig Diet has been one of the most famous weight loss programs on the planet thanks to an abundance of ads and even more celebrity testimonials. The main idea behind this diet is that anyone can lose weight if they base their diet around their weight and activeness. If they know those two things, which everyone should, then the company can build their weight loss program for them.

After getting some basic information from their customers, the Jenny Craig Diet is then set up and meals are set up for the dieters. Depending on the sex and weight of each dieter, they will have balanced meal plans created that will allow them to consume between 1,200 and 2,300 calories per day, which is the main way of helping them lose weight. They will also get exercise tips to help maximize their chances of losing weight and getting in shape simultaneously.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Jenny Craig Diet?

It is actually harder not to lose weight on the Jenny Craig Diet than it is to lose weight since most dieters will be greatly cutting down on the number of calories they are eating each day. The one variant is whether people will be able to lose weight right away or if it will take a little longer. Since dieters are told exactly what they are supposed to eat every day, weight loss success is almost guaranteed unless people aren't able to stick to the diet.

There isn't a specific exercise plan that comes with the Jenny Craig Diet, but they do give out plenty of workout tips. It is great that they don't totally ignore how important exercise is for people who want to lose weight, most dieters appreciate when diet companies prove a complete workout plan that is designed for people of all shapes and sizes.

Level of Effort

Since the Jenny Craig Diet provides its customers with pre-packaged meals, it is one of the easier diets to understand for people who are new to dieting. All they have to do is eat the meals and snacks that are prepared for them and exercise regularly to be able to see positive results.

As is the case every other calorie-reducing diet, the real challenge of the Jenny Craig Diet is being able to avoid cheating. Most dieters will be cutting their calorie count in half, which is extremely difficult. However, the success rate is much higher on this diet than many others since dieters will be able to see the results that they crave very quickly.


It is impressive that the Jenny Craig Diet has been able to stay at or near the top of the weight loss industry for this long. It is more expensive than other diet plans on the market, but it is hard to find another weight loss program with as many success stories.

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User Feedback
12 comments / 50% approval
posted 28 February 2018, 12:45   *
Not sure on the diet reviews of this website... they are rating diets 4 and 5 stars for reasons I can't ascertain....the only thing I can come up with is good ratings for first time success at taking weight off. They do not take into account the shear failure rate of these diets at producing any lasting long-term success.... I did the Jenny Craig diet 20 years ago and spent a fortune. I got to the point where I had to put the weekly required meals and snacks on a credit card because I had no more money left in the account. It is very, very, VERY expensive and focuses on selling packaged, processed foods that have ingredient lists that are insanely long and terrible to consume. Strange that the review above does not really cover this fact...Consuming natural whole foods, eliminating processed, refined foods, and not buying into hype and the "nutritional supplements" these diets push is the only sustainable, healthy way to lose weight.
posted 11 July 2017, 18:34   *
I used JC to lose 30 pounds. It worked. But costly. I know have a company that delivers healthy natural food but no calorie counting. I think bodies need to be changed up so I'm headed back to JC as I've gained 12 pounds of my original weight loss. If they delivered the food, would be awesome.
Karen Dabin
posted 20 April 2017, 16:42   *
Went on this diet twice. Each time I lost a lot of weight and spent a fortune on prepackaged foods. Once I went off it the weight came back and then some. This diet doesn't teach you how to eat properly or how to keep the weight off other than buying the expensive foods.
JJuanita Goglia
posted 8 March 2017, 08:37   *
I am searching for the Lose 17 lbs.for $17.oo , free Food as seen advertised on TV? Can not seem to find it!
posted 2 March 2017, 20:37   *
I'm on my 4th week and have lost 8 lbs. The food tastes ok but I'm not happy with ingredients like maltodextrin, soy bean oil, palm oil,high fructose corn syrup, xanthan gum, cottonseed oil potassium chloride & carrageenan which are in many of the meals & snacks. There is very little meat, fish or chicken and many of the foods are high in carbohydrates. Since I eat organic real food, I'm looking to follow-up with a meal delivery program that avoids these cheap oils & preservatives. I have found a few . Willl stay on J.C. for another month then move to something that's healthier.
charlyn m bairos
posted 20 February 2017, 16:27   *
In regards to Mary..above. I do not see my food ever becoming "boring" as there are over 100 meals to choose from.. Don't you eat the same thing when not on Jenny Craig?
charlyn m bairos
posted 20 February 2017, 16:25   *
Thank you as I disagree with Debi (above) because I do J.C, six days a week and on Sunday I am with my children BUT I still eat good food. such as a big spinach salad with the fixins and then either baked chicken or salmon, etc. I have never ever felt deprived and will continue to stay on this.program. I live alone and this is the best for me. You just got to use yur common sense and realize that this is impossible to take your J.C. main dishes with you and life is to LIVE.!!!
Michele Newton
posted 27 December 2015, 10:19   *
I lost 100 lbs o. Jenny Craig with working out 5 days a week
posted 24 January 2015, 22:00   *
I believe this is one of the worst diets because you can't stay on it forever, therefore, gaining back lost weight when you go back to normal eating.
posted 24 December 2014, 02:59   *
posted 24 December 2014, 02:58   *
At the beginning i was really excited but later on the food got boring
posted 13 December 2014, 14:33   *